A tricky situation to do an interview with band who has just started up. There is not much to go by but it turned out quite nice. Raphael had quite a lot to say:

Is the band name taken from a character from the game ”Doom”?

-Yes it is inspired by the game. Its the name of a Boss in that game.

Is it The monster seen on the album cover too?

It is based around the songs that we have, for example ”Nighrage”.

The Promo material says the project was overseen by the boss of Frontiers Records. How did it feel to have the him overseeing the process?

Feel very happy and could never have thought that someday it could happen because Frontiers is one of the biggest labels in the world. For me it´s fantastic to work with them, even in my biggest dream i could never have imagined that it would happen. I can not thank everyone at Frontiers enough for this.  Thanks to my videos on YouTube- everything happens now.

Frontiers Records are focusing a lot on South America. Is it a kind of new era coming out of South America?

We have always had great bands in South America, maybe Frontiers just realised it now, i don’t know but we always have great bands here. Frontiers has given a great opportunity to this band, and we have some great singers in Brazil who also signed with Frontiers.

Can you name three bands out of Brazil that we should look out for?

My friend Marcelo Gelbecke has a band called Landfall. It is an AOR band. They are now working on their second album. You have Semblant. I had never met them before I was signed and started working with Frontiers. Another band is Electric Mob.

Coming from South America, and ending up singing alongside Michael Kiske and having Vinnie Appice on drums (on the Legend of valley Doom part 1 album).

Yes, that was amazing. That was the first invitation I had as I said in the beginning of the interview; thanks to my videos on YouTube. When I started doing some Iron Maiden covers, a friend of mine (Marius Danielsen) invited me to participate on this album and I recorded one song ”Crystal Mountains”, and I did some backing vocals that had him on lead vocals. He was very nice, I could never have imagined it would happen. Coming from a small city and always played music just for a hobby. Now its becoming more professional. He is one of my heroes.

I usually listen to albums that I review 3 times to get a wider Picture of the album. And three songs that I think stand out is:

“Pandemic Euphoria”

A very up to date song
The album is done during this pandemic so it inspired of course. It is very hard here in Brazil. This disease is becoming political now.

“Arcade Generation”
It is about the gaming generation of the 80´s. I think the album is inspired by the 80´s. I think video games is good to get together around. The song is about games in Brazil that were popular here: ”Mortal kombat”,“Street fighter”, “Samurai showdown”

“Road Rage”
It is a great song, I like it too. We have songs about movies- and this one is about Mad Max. Then we have ”Clouds over Gotham” which is about the Batman universe and ”Nightbreed” inspired by the (1990) movie and also ”Last Samurai” same here- inspired by the movie.

As I said a very short interview as there is not much information about Icon Of Sin to get hold off. Expectations or other projects?

Another project I am working on is with Timo Tolkki . With Icon of Sin I hope we will go on tour. I really want to tour. We have a line-up and we are ready. I heard something about a tour but I forgot the name of that band. They might put us together in the future.

Bands you dream of touring with?

You know my answer(laughs..)Maiden, Helloween and Avantasia.

You might even become a part of Avantasia?
Yes that’s true, Dreams do come true!

How tired are you talking about your similarities vocally to Bruce Dickinson?

I always read about it but I don’t care. He is my biggest idol in life. People say that I am copying Bruce and I say; so if you’re a soccer player and you copy Messi you have to stop playing like him.
I really like it, everything that happens now I never could have imagined in my life. Someday it could be true this with Frontiers. Now I have an album with them so I am very happy. I became a singer because of Bruce, I never sang before in my life.