Interview with Björn from Night Flight Orchestra

A year ago Night Flight Orchestra released the brilliant album ”Amber Galactic”. Now they are back on record and I was talking to the bands singer Björn ”Speed” Strid about things such as Soilwork, dead musicians and what’s the reason that Night Flight Orchestra is back already.

I welcome you back with the new album ”Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough”.

Thank you very much.

It’s only a year ago since you released ”Amber Galactic”. How has Night Flight Orchestra spent the last year?

A hell of a mess. We made our first European tour before christmas and we had no support-act. Instead we did it under the formula ”an evening with Night Flight Orchestra” and before the shows we were having meet & greet where we had the chance to talk to our fans. When we were on this tour we never stopped writing songs and it kept going on and on so all of a sudden we had material for a brand new record.

How did the tour go?

We thought it turned out very well. There was plenty of people at the shows, in Germany for example it was sold out at a couple of places. And the final show in Gothenburg two days before christmas were amazing.

Why a new album so close to ”Amber Galactic”?

Because we are working with music all the time, and it means that we are writing new music all of the time. We in Night Flight Orchestra are creative people but we wouldn’t release a new album that doesn’t have the flow in the music.

If you compare Night Flight Orchestra with Soilwork there is quite a difference between the two bands type of music. Is there any differ in your way of singing?

It’s a good question. I think it’s pretty easy to switch because it’s two types of singing that I really love. Soilwork is very intense and extreme but I think I’m a much more balanced singer nowadays. I believe I’m a chameleon when it’s come to singing.

If you compare the fans to your two bands is there people who enjoys both Soilwork and Night Flight Orchestra or is it different people who shows up at the shows?

There is a mix I think. When Soilwork plays there is a lot of Arch Enemy fans and when Night Flight Orchestra playing there is some hipsters and some prog dads. But of course we have people who appreciates both Soilwork and Night Flight Orchestra.

You are involved in a project called Gathering of Kings. Can you tell us something about that?

Not much really. I’m singing on one track that has been released as a single. The musicians are great and the project is extremely interesting. Good songs overall and the album will be released in the autumn of 2018.

In the middle of May I was on a gig in Stockholm with Axel Rudi Pell. The guy behind the microphone is Johnny Gioeli who also is the singer in Hardline. How is it to be leadsinger in two bands? Is it working out well or are you totally confused from time to time?

So far I think it’s okey. I hope I don’t come to a Soilwork gig wearing the red beret. If I have to be serious though my thoughts are that it’s not that difficult. It’s pretty smooth to switch from Soilwork to Night Flight Orchestra.

So both bands are priority one?

Yes I really like to see it as a coexistence.

You had Helsingborg as your base but now you live in Tyresö outside of Stockholm. Is it better to live near Stockholm?

I’ve lived in Toronto, Phoenix, Japan and some other places as well, but Helsingborg is the place where I’ve lived the longest. Soilwork were formed in Helsingborg but when it comes to Night Flight Orchestra it’s hard to say a specific place. When it comes to transport I really miss Helsingborg because of the short distance to the Kastrup airport, which I think is a better airport if you compare to Arlanda.

If we look into the future what are the plans for Night Flight Orcestra?

There will be a tour in november/december which will end around christmas. This tour will take us around the most of Europe and we hope that the new album will be received well. This summer NFO will be playing some festivals and that’s pretty exciting as well.

Later this year Björn Strid will turn 40. Did you expect when you released the first Soilwork-album 1998 that you still will be doing this 20 years later?

I wasn’t thinking on that at all. It was fun playing music but maybe I didn’t believe that it would last for such a long time. At that time the ambitions wasn’t very high and I was playing hockey as well. The music took over and I have no regrets at all, and for sure I choosed the right way.

I’m pretty sure that some of the musicians who have influenced you no longer is alive. I want you to put together a quartet of dead musicians who have inspired you in your music career. Which four guys will be in Björn Strids quartet?

That’s almost impossible, but Cozy Powell (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake) is definitely the drummer in the band. If I had to choose just one guitarplayer I think Mick Ronson is my man. Jaco Pastorius who played with Pat Metheny is the bass player and the singer would be Jimi Jamison (Survivor).

That’s a great band Björn. Thank you for your time and good luck with the new record.

Thank you.

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