Man.Machine.Industry – Sabaton Open Air 2018

The upcoming saturday is no regular saturday. It’s Sabaton Open Air and when Sabaton has left the stage it’s one thing left to experience. The band called Man.Machine.Industry. closing up things at Sabaton Open Air this year. Stargazed Magazine talked to the bands leader J. ”J.B” Bergman of his thoughts about this years Sabaton Open Air.

Hello Bergman. Why dont we start with the history around Man.Machine.Industry?

-More or less Man.Machine.Industry. is my solo project. I started out back in 2000 and in 2001 the first album was released. After that it took about 4-5 years until the next album. When we came to 2007 it started to happen things because our music was featured in the Play Station 3 game ”The Darkness”. It became a good time to go in for Man.Machine.Industry. and now we have been the same guys for about four years.

You released your new album ”Reborn” on the 3rd of august. What’s your thoughts and expectations there?

-It’s actually a compilation album from our previous three albums and an EP. I think that the songs have been growing over the years and it’s interesting to record them again with the recording technique of today, and as a producer it’s exciting to collect the songs that people really likes.

My expectations are around zero by the fact that it’s old songs, but I’m pretty sure that our fans will appreciate this. We can call it a promo for the next record which will keep the same level. The plan is to have a new album out within one year.

If we talk about influences I wonder what bands did you got inspiration from?

-I’m an old man and when I was growing up I listened a lot to bands like Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Uriah Heep and Nazareth. It was pure 70’s classic rock. I also enjoyed Heavy Metal such as Saxon and the early Iron Maiden. Early Thrash Metal is also extremely good, because I like melodies and the energy that Thrash Metal contribute. It’s got it’s own style and character.

Sabaton Open Air is up next for you. What’s the feeling before the festival?

-It will be very fun and we are so excited to play this year. Last year I was there as a visitor, hanging out and talked to a lot of people. It will be the second time for us at Sabaton Open Air and it’s definitely one of the best festivals in the entire world. It’s a good atmosphere.

What’s up in the fall for the band? Will it be a tour?

-No we feel that we can’t go out on tour with a compilation album, instead we are focusing on the next album. We will probably do a few gigs but no tour. We have played a lot in Finland so we might do something there. When we have the new record out there will definitely be a tour.

These days we talk about streaming services such as Spotify. What’s your thoughts about this phenomeon?

-Everybody knows about it and there is two sides of the coin. It’s good because it’s easy to get the music and for a musician it’s not that good because it doesn’t generates any money. I use it myself and I can take you as an example because you are in the same seat as musicians. You are a writer for an online newspaper and you don’t get paid, ten years ago though both you and the musician got paid properly.

I believe that you have seen a lot of concerts during the years. What’s your favourite live concert of all you’ve seen?

-Oh my god. I think my first concert was something that I never will forget. Saxon at Hovet in Stockholm back in 1983 was a great moment in my life. I also like bands that surprise me, like Rotting Christ last year at Sabaton Open Air. I was standing there and wonder what the hell is going on. The feeling and experience was extra ordinary. The whole koncept was great.

My feelings was very much the same. One of the best gigs last year in Falun definitely. I would like to thank you for this chat. Is it anything else you would like to tell the people who will attend Sabaton Open Air?

-Yes. We will be filming the concert for a DVD which will be released in connection with the new album. We are also doing a signing session on saturday at 21:30 and there we will give away the new album ”Reborn” for free. So I hope to see everybody there.

That’s great. Thanks again Bergman for this chat and I hope to see you in Falun.

-Thank you. You know where you can pick up a free CD.

Johan Hagberg

Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer

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