Nocturnal Rites – Sabaton Open Air 2018

Nocturnal Rites was formed in Umeå, Sweden in the early 90’s. The first album “In A Time Of Blood And Fire” was released 1995 and last year “Phoenix” came out ten years after the current album “The 8th Sin”. “Phoenix” is album number nine from Nocturnal Rites and next week they are back in Falun to attend the Sabaton Open Air. I get in contact with the singer Jonny Lindkvist and we were doing the interview by mail.

I say welcome back to Falun and Sabaton Open Air. It was a few years ago you were playing at the festival. Is there any expectations to talk about?

-The last time we played there was a fantastic experience and we’re hoping it would turn out even better this time.

It took ten years between “The 8th Sin” and the new album “Phoenix”. Why turned it out that way?

-We decided to take a break but the break became much longer than expected. Life came between us and the music. Our families are of course pretty important and time just flies away, and suddenly ten years had passed.

Will there be another ten years before we got a new album from Nocturnal Rites?

-Definitely not. Not a chance!!

You played Sweden Rock Festival earlier this summer. If you compare Sweden Rock to Sabaton Open Air  and ignore the fact that it’s much more crowd at Sweden Rock, which one of the festivals do you prefer?

-Two incredibly well-organized festivals which make it impossible to choose.

Nocturnal Rites is based in Umeå which is a city in the northern part of Sweden. Have you ever considered the distance as a problem?

-I really don’t think so but sometimes I’m thinking that Arlanda would be a little closer.

If you have to pick one of your songs as a favourite to play live, which one is your choice?

-“Not The Only”

Okey Jonny. Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions and I hope to see you in Falun.

-Thank you and I hope to see you as well.

Johan Hagberg

Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer

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