Sabaton – Sabaton Open Air 2018

In december 1999 there was a couple of guys in Falun started a band called Sabaton. In 2008 they started their own festival which back then were going under the name Rockstad:Falun, and nowadays it’s Sabaton Open Air. The festival is growing for each year and this year bands like Sepultura, The Darkness, Primal Fear, H.E.A.T. and Blaze Bayley play the festival. And Sabaton will of course play as well. I reached the bassplayer Pär Sundström and we decided to do an interview by mail.

You have been doing this for quite sometime now. Do you ever get tired arranging Sabaton Open Air?

-Over the years the festival has been more easily managed and it works better for every year. Which means that we can focus more on having fun during the festival. For a while it was extremely wearisome to be organizer and also play at the festival. These days it’s much better because we have fantastic people who are doing a wonderful job, which makes our part of the festival easier to enjoy.

If you look back which is Sabaton Open Air’s best festival booking?

-We are very pleased that we got Crimson Glory’s first ever gig in Sweden and it may also be their last gig. Steve Harris from Iron Maiden was of course also fantastic and one of my favourite bands at the festival are Moonspell. Then you have Magnum, Hell, Rotting Christ and Kreator as some of the highlights over the years. This year we have Battle Beast on stage and that’s one of my favourite bands right now.

Pär Sundström – Sabaton

What are Sabaton up to right now? 

-We are preparing to make a new record. We’re working around a koncept and the music around that. It’s a little bit early to talk about it, but right now my creativity is on a high level and we have so many plans in the future that I really want to turn into reality.

Does it ever happened that Pär Sundström is off duty?

-Sometimes I take time to go out and run, playing video games or visiting some local gigs here in Falun. Since we started Sabaton I haven’t got any vacation though.

If you look into the crystal ball do you see the end for Sabaton? Is there a possibility that you will tour around the world when you are about to hit 70 years of age?

-Since I was 13 I wanted to do this, and only this. That haven’t changed a bit. Of course I would like to play as long as I can, but someone else but me have to put a best before date on Sabaton.

Which song is your favourite to play live when you’re on stage with Sabaton?

-That depends which tour we are on. Right now I think it’s very fun play songs like “Winged Hussars” and “Shiroyama”. But “Primo Victoria” is always a favourite.

OK Pär, thanks that you take the time and good luck on Sabaton Open Air.

-Thanks to you to.

Johan Hagberg

Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer

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