Early last year I was talking to Frida Ohlin in the Swedish band REXORIA for Rocknytt. They were ready to release their debut album ”Queen of Light” and we were talking about the band REXORIA, Fridas thoughts of being a female singer in the world of Heavy Metal and some other interesting stuff. Frida contacted me on Facebook a few months ago and asked if I was interested of doing something when REXORIA was going to release their new album ”Icebreaker”. I was and a couple of weeks ago I was talking to this friendly girl once again over the phone.

Welcome back with the brand new album ”Icebreaker”.

-Thank you very much. It feels good to have ”Icebreaker” out and it really feels like REXORIA when we listen to it.

What have you been doing since you released ”Queen of Light”?

-We went for a two week tour in Europé with Bullet and we have played some shows in Sweden supporting Battle Beast. We have done some gigs here and some smaller festivals there. Our focus has been to get the new album out as fast as we could and we did it with help from Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman.

If you ask me your sound has become tougher on the new album. Was this a conscious choice?

-I believe it was. We wanted to become a little harder on the new album and the opening track ”Velvet Heroes” was the first song we wrote for this album, and it’s a pretty heavy riff we think. We have developed as a band and each and every one of us has taken steps forward.

Are you the same members as on the ”Queen of Light” album?

-Yes we are. It’s me Frida Ohlin (vocals,keyboards), Jonas Gustavsson (guitar), Cristofer Svensson (guitar) and Martin Gustavsson (drums). We have Jan Ekberg playing bass on the album but we will not have a bass player on the tour. More and more bands out there choose to play live without a bass player so it’s not unusual.

The new album ”Icebreaker” will be released the 18th of october and what’s your expectations this time? Do you have a goal?

-The new album is called ”Icebreaker” and we really want to break the ice and reach out to a wide metal audience, as well as a big commercial audience. We want to meet the metal world for real and if we can attract new fans we can be a part in much bigger things out there.

Any plans on a tour with the new album?

-We don’t have any tour planned right now but hopefully we can get something together in the spring of 2020. When the album is out it will be new opportunities and we know right now that we will be opening for Freedom Call in Finspång and Stockholm in november.

If we look into the crystal ball how long career can you have with REXORIA?

-We take it day by day and first of all we’ll see what response we can get with the new album. If it goes the way we want maybe we can get a bigger deal with a bigger record company in the future, and along with that it will be easier for us as a band when we have a bigger record company backing us up.

And don’t get me wrong here because we are very pleased with Pride & Joy Music which are the company right now. Birgitt is doing a great job promoting REXORIA. So if we go back to the original question it’s fair to say that we take it day by day and then we’ll see.

Do you have any artist out there that you would like to tour with?

-If I be realistic I would say Battle Beast. We had a lot of fun with them when we were playing with them in Huskvarna and Linköping. Battle Beast attract a lot of audience and it would be great to tour with them for a longer period of time. At a later stage it would be a dream touring with Sabaton, that would be awesome.

At last Frida I would like to ask you which swedish metal band is number one right now?

-Oh god, that’s a very difficult question. When you’re in the studio you really don’t reflect what’s happening outside that studio room because you’re inside your own. I think the journey Sabaton  has made is very inspiring for us and other bands. They have proved that hard work is paying off in the end, so even if it’s a difficult question I have to say Sabaton at this moment.

I thank you Frida for this chat and good luck in the future.

-Thank you very much.