Udo Dirkschneider says that U.D.O. have plans until 2020

Udo Dirkschneider was born in Wuppertal, Germany on the 6th of april 1952. He was the original singer in the german heavy metal band Accept and 1987 he started the band U.D.O. who have a new album out called ”Steelfactory”. After a few years on the road under the name Dirkschneider wraping up the Accept-era Udo Dirkschneider is back with another album which got very good reviews.

Welcome back on record. Are Udo Dirkschneider ready now to leave Accept behind?

-Yes of course I am. We have toured round the world for three years with Dirkschneider and we have played almost 300 shows. I am definitely ready to close the chapter in my book called Accept.

Dirkschneider were doing some excellent shows I think only playing material from your Accept-era. Are you pleased how it turns out?

-I’m very pleased. I would lie if I said no. We didn’t expect this response from the fans only playing Accept songs. First we thought it might be 10-15 shows with a setlist of the best songs from Accept, it turned out to something completely different and nearly 300 shows later we can look back and say that we have had a really good time. And the people enjoyed it as well.

George Grigoriadis,

Photo: George Grigoriadis,

The new album is called ”Steelfactory” and you have got some nice reviews. Are you happy that it’s finally released?

-Yes yes yes, I’m always nervous when it’s time to release a new album because you have no idea how the reactions would turn out. So far though, everybody I’ve talked to is very pleased with the new U.D.O. songs and I thank you all very much. The whole band is very happy right now and we are looking forward to take this new songs and go on tour.

Stefan Kaufmann is back. Tell me more about that?

-Actually his not, not really. He helping us out with Dirkschneider as the second guitar player. We will have a new guitar player that we can present in the upcoming weeks. I was recording the vocals for the album ”Steelfactory” in Stefans studio and he helped us writing songs as ”Rising High” and ”The Devil Is An Angel”, which is great songs.

Why did Bill Hudson quit the band?

-It came to a point when it was the best for both parts to go separate ways. When Kasperi quit the band I needed a guitar player and Bill Hudson was a very competent guitar player. It turned out though that Bill was not a very good team player, instead he was focusing more about Bill Hudson than Dirkschneider. He was not interested to be part of the new album with U.D.O. either so after the tour in the US we decided to let Bill go.

What’s up for U.D.O. in the future?

-We have two shows left with Dirkschneider, one at the Metal Hammer awards in Germany and the last show will take place in Mallorca. After that we start to rehearsal for the new tour with U.D.O. and it will start in Russia in october. In january 2019 we will start the tour in Europe and we will come to Sweden but right now I don’t know when.

You have promised no more Accept-songs. I think it’s a good decision but isn’t it going to be strange not playing ”Balls To The Wall” or ”Metal Heart”?

-Maybe, I really don’t know. To be honest I have no idea but I know that U.D.O. has made sixteen albums so we have a lot of stuff to choose from. It will be quite a nightmare to make a setlist when we start the tour, which songs will we play.

We’re sure about the fact that we will not play any Accept-songs as long as Accept excist. I think their singer is doin’ a good job and I can’t see a reason for U.D.O. to play Accept-songs when they are still around. If Accept split up in the future and we’re still touring maybe we will reconsider this, I don’t know.

How long can U.D.O. last do you think?

-I have no idea. We have plans until 2020 but after that I don’t know. My voice is definitely no problem and as long this is fun we will continue doing it I think. Who knows? We might be around ten years from now, we will see.

Okey Udo. I wish you good luck on your tour and I hope to see you in Sweden soon.

-Thank you and we will definitely come to Sweden on the new tour.

Johan Hagberg

Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer

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