Pulgasari is a swedish band from Stockholm and they have just released the new album ”No Ghost In The Machine”. I believe in these guys and I have the opportunity to talk to all four members over the phone a couple of weeks ago.

Pulgasari is:

Carl Westerström (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar)
Edgar Allan Zan (Lead Guitar, Organ, Synthesizer)
Eric Axelsson (Bass)
Jonathan Andersson (Drums)

Please fill me in with the history of Pulgasari so far?

-We started out around 2013 I think and in 2014 it became serious. Me (Edgar) and Eric lived on the same street when we were kids so we have been together since the childhood. In the beginning the influences were Clutch and Monster Magnet. We released our first EP back in 2015.

What’s your influences?

-Monster Magnet for sure but Clutch is definitely also an influence for the band. Another constant influence for all in the band is Tool. Of course there is individual influences as well, Edgar says. For me for example I really like Tom Waits, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and those kind of artists.

I’m in to some hip hop and Rage Against The Machine so there is some sprawling taste among us, Jonathan explains. We also like to see arena bands and get inspiration there also. Last summer we saw Guns’n Roses and it was great. All these influences are good for Pulgasari we think.

I hear a lot of Pearl Jam in some of the songs on the new album. Are Pearl Jam a influence as well?

-That’s nice to hear because Jonathan loves Pearl Jam, Edgar says. Some songs on the album definitely has Pearl Jam as an influence, ”Interstellar” is one for example. It’s like pick up a guitar and make it sounds like Mike McCready from Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder is a housegod as a singer and thanks a lot for hearing that influence.

When you write music do you start with the music or the lyrics?

-We don’t have any special formula when we write the songs. We can have a riff for a pretty long time, and maybe we got something on the acoustic guitar before we start putting it together as a band. Sometimes we start with the lyrics if we have a motive, for example that Jonathan have a new-born daughter.

What do you need today for a breakthrough?

-It’s interesting because we discussed that earlier today. We believe that’s important that you have played in a few bands, and at the same time you have to work hard and rehearse for quite a while. If we take all the small and medium bands in the world there is an ocean full of them so the breakthrough may not be the goal, instead you enjoy the ride.

The fact that you having fun together is important but you have to work real hard as well, work for the success so to speak. If you get a record deal it’s might be both good and bad but you definitely reach out more if you have a record deal.

Is the fans in Sweden boring if you compare to rest of Europe?

-It depends where you are. If we are in the right place, the sound is great and the audience has got something to drink before the gig it could be really nice playing in Sweden. We were in Germany 2017 and that crowd was really good. It’s hard to say really but we need to play live to get more experience and if we got the experience we get better and get more response from the people in the crowd.

The future for Pulgasari?

-We have plans for at least one more album and of course we want to tour. We are going to play in Västerås, Uppsala and Gothenburg and there are some plans for Germany as well. Berlin and Hamburg maybe. Pulgasari has been developing from the first time we played together and we will develop even more in the future. We would like to try out an organ, some back up singing and we’re not afraid to try a combo with a female singer. The future is bright for Pulgasari.

Thank you very much for taking your time talking to me.

-Thank you very much.