Viral is a band that has been in existence since 2012 based in Linköping.
They make no excuses with what their influences are and what kind of music they want to play. They also seem to have fun and there is a genuine feeling for the music about them. What they do well is to not get Viral to sound like a copy or rip off from any specific band. They stand on their own legs, wide apart and fist pumping.

Having financed their debut album out of their own pockets they are now about to digitally releasing this debut in January of 2021.
Viral started out as Frenzy, including singer Albin Forsell and Guitarist Larri Malinen. The focus then was more to drink beer then making music. This evolved into Viral from the desire to create something more solid. According to the lads, the rehearsal area they were situated in at the beginning reflected the loosely, barely put together walls of the band then.

After this transition into Viral there was also a change in personnel, whom are credited for some of the inspiration/creations of the debut album.
The recruitment process for this clear picture that were there from the beginning regarding who and what type of people they wanted as part of the group were made somewhat in traditional way. Namely chasing people via phone calls, adds and so on.

The clear picture is what then?
The inspiration and the aim were and is to play heavily NWOBHM influenced music says Larri Malinen. To modernize the sound and incorporate other influences from band members. Especially the sound and recording we wanted to update, even though the music from that era is great, the sound leaves a bit of room for improvement.

The band also changed “house” so to speak and situated themselves in a place called Bullerbyn (noisy village as the translation has been used as before). A place with genuine rock history and the surroundings just fitting for a band that want to bring their preferred part of 80´s heavy metal forward. When the lineup was completed With Marcus Borggren (guitar), Christian Ståhl (Bass) & Linus Melchiorsen on the drums the band started making the circuit in and around the musically prosperous town of Linköping.

Viral has had some demos out and made during this forming period, but with the 5 more cemented as a line-up, the group wanted to re-hash their existing songs and put them into the current mood of this line-up going forward. Things were in place so to speak.

The group has played around in Sweden for a bit, having gigs in Stockholm, Örebro & Jönköping to name a few places. Just when the band had decided to take on the prospect of hitting the road and finishing this album, the little obstacle of Covid-19 reared it´s ugly head and put a stop to the touring plans.

Regarding the album previous members have lend hands including producing and vocals (Johan Rapp) on the album. The album has had the hands of Niels Nielsen (Ghost, In Flames, Witchery) mixing and mastering. The album is partly recorded in Nielsens old studio where the drums were partly recorded. The rest of the album is recorded at Bullerbyn. The band continued the recording themselves at that venue. The bass was recorded at home and when all tracks were recorded the work went back to Nielsens old studio for tracking.

Nielsen himself then took over for mixing and mastering. The album is as said financed by the band themselves, money out of their pockets. No advance, no label backing the production. This came with the upside of the band being able to spend their own money on what they felt they needed and wanted to put out to the crowd without outside interference. Also, the creative freedom was uncompromised.

This band is a band of contradiction. The music is quite easy to listen to, pulls you in and it is straight on party music. But both talking to them about the references in lyrics and reading the lyrics add another layer of depth that I did not expect to find next to this kind of music and delivery thereof. There are both stories derived from local folklore and deep philosophical lyrics on this album the band states when we discuss it.

This is really what we want for the listener to be able to do. Roll with it, you read into the songs what you want it to be for you. There is a quote: “Death to the author” which means that you forfeit the right to interpret your own work when you share it publicly says Malinen.

The set up and song track of the debut wishes to deliver a statement straight on, says Larri Malinen. You get what you are given, and this is a crash course in what Viral is about. No more, no less. We are an impatient generation of people, and if we have 30 seconds for someone to hear what we are about, we need to present that clearly.

We wanted to have a finished product that sounded like music from the eighties but balance it with a bringing the quality into the modern era and have a good feeling and vibe about it says Albin Forsell about the finished product.

The album is to be released digitally on January the 8th of 2021 and hopefully a LP/CD release in the early spring.