Wolf Hoffman says a new studio album with Accept can be expected in 2020

Wolf Hoffman is along with Peter Baltes the man who’s pushing the band Accept forward. They have released four studio albums and a live album with the singer Mark Tornillo and now it’s time to release yet another live album called ”Symphonic Terror – Live At Wacken 2017”. Since this interview Peter Baltes has left the band but when I reached Wolf a few weeks ago nothing was mentioned about that fact.

Hello Wolf. How you’re doing?

-I’m fine. I’m in Houston right now.

Do you live there?

-No I live in Nashville. We are on tour right now.

The new live album ”Symphonic Terror – Live In Wacken 2017” will be released the 23rd of november. Can you tell me more about that release?

-It’s pretty much a one of a kind show that we were doing at Wacken Open Air last year. It contains a 50 piece orchestra and the songs we played were from my solo album ”Headbangers Symphony” but we also played a couple of Accept songs along with the orchestra. It took about a year to prepare and it was pretty amazing when we stood there on the stage. It was a three part show where we started with some Accept songs, 30 minutes from my solo album and after that we released Accept and the orchestra. Just amazing.

Can we expect a new number one in Germany?

-I don’t know and to be honest it’’s not that important. I hope our fans like the two hour DVD that is going to be released.

Accept have always been a band that at least I think has been into classical music regarding to some riffs and solos over the years. I can imagine that some of your own influences comes from classical music. Are the rest of the band influenced by classical music as well?

-Not so much as me. I’m the driven force and that’s how its always been. I like classical music but I’m not influenced by it. I can’t remember listen to classic music but maybe I grew up with that kind of music, I don’t know. Over the years though I’ve learned listen to classical music and I just like it and I get inspiration from it.

It worked out very well when we did the arrangements for the orchestra. Songs like ”Fast As A Shark”, ”Princess Of The Dawn”, ”Breaker” and ”Restless And Wild” along with the orchestra turned out very good. 

You clearly made an impact back in the early 80’s and Accept has been an inspiration for many bands over the years. What do you think of the Heavy Metal climate these days?

-There’s so many bands and genres these days so I have totally lost touch with new music. Back in the days there were a few bands who inspired everybody such as Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne. Today it showing up a new band every second.

I try to see new bands when we are playing festivals but in my opinion it’s not the music that’s important, it’s more the theatrical side to it and that makes the new bands desperate to stand out.

I talked to Udo Dirkschneider a few weeks ago and he will take a new turn with his band U.D.O. on the upcoming tour. No more Accept songs. What’s your relationship with Udo these days?

-I will say non existing. He left the band 20 years ago and we have no relation at all. The relation with Udo is not good and not bad, it’s extremely neutral and non existing. This question comes up when I talk to you journalists.

You have a new album out on november 23rd. Are there a tour planned with an symphony orchestra?

-We will do more touring and we are booking dates right now. It will be our own tour and we will bring the orchestra as well. It’s confirmed it will be april-may next year and it will be a similar show to the one people saw at Wacken, it’s gonna be cool. Sweden are in our plans and we are looking at venues who isn’t the usual stages you see Accept. This time it will be in symphony halls and city halls.

The future for Accept? When can we expect a new album?

-In 2020. We have a working title right now and a bunch of stuff to work with. Peter and myself are writing and that’s how it usually starts. After a while Mark puts in his stuff and at that time we start to record the album who will be out in 2020.

How long can Accept last do you think?

-I don’t know. We have been doing this for 40 years and we love what we doing. My plan is not to retire because we done that once so we’ll probably play til’ one of us drop dead.

Your favourite song to play live with Accept?

-”Shadow Soldiers” is extremely fun to play so that’s my favourite at the time. I also enjoy playing ”Princess Of The Dawn” a lot. It’s a very simple song to play but the reaction from the crowd is fantastic. We do have some fun songs to play but today I pick those two.

Okay Wolf, I thank you for this interview and also for all the brilliant music you have done over the years.

-You’re totally welcome.

Johan Hagberg

Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer

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