What would life be – without a song or dance, what are we….?
(I might have borrowed that from somewhere, ehum…). (And I will now have that song in my head for the rest of the day, thank you, dear self. Really).

But honestly. My life would really not be the same without you, my dearest friend.


You take me to places I could never dream of going, you bring out the sun on a cloudy day, you trigger the tears when I really need to cry… and you give me answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. And some days I just really need the music, other days the lyrics – to bring me comfort, give me power and help me heal.

We have gone through so much together. All those long brokenhearted nights, when there is nothing else to do but cry… You are there for me. You listen to my tears and my pain, and you tell me what I need to hear.

Those times when I am ready to just give up, when I feel there is no place for me in this world, because I am fed up, scared, tired, lost… You bring me the songs that give me hope and strength to get back on my feet.

And those evenings, when I just want to shut the rest of the world out and escape into the magical world of harmonies and symphony and just feel… at ease, calm and peaceful.

And then there are those days of sunshine, when I feel I have all the energy in the world and just want to run around and dance and sing – and I listen to THAT song that always makes me extra happy… That is also you, giving me that extra sparkly shine.

Anyplace, anywhere, anytime. You are there for me, music. Always and forever.

I am also so very very grateful for all the wonderful people I get to have in my life that I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for you. Thank you. And of course – HUGE thanks to all you musicians out there, you who make this world a more beautiful place with your creativity and hard work. Thank you.


And, oh well… here we go. Just because.