So, the other day I was told that I should stop acting like a silly teenager when it comes to music and bands…by someone who apparently can’t deal with the fact that I don’t  listen to the ”right” kind of music, and don’t behave the way I ”should”.

”Don’t you think it’s time for you to grow up? You really are too old to keep running around at festivals and concerts and shouldn’t you start acting your age and dressing accordingly? Those metal T-shirts…and your hair colour and tattoos and piercing……and you can’t walk around in jeans all the time – and all this travelling and the bands you follow around is just ridiculous and blah blah blah…”

Oh well. I don’t really care that much. (Apart from giving her the attention of being the starting point of this chapter right, haha.

It just makes me a bit sad that there are so many people out there suffering all the time, so many people getting bullied every day because they don’t fit the pattern.
Because being different scares people.
You need to fit in, you need to be like everyone else.
Like these words taken from the song below, that sadly are too true.

”They don’t understand you
And they hate what they don’t understand”

But honestly.
I LOVE the fact that I can get all emotional when I listen to music that brings the feelings out, no matter what genre.
I LOVE that I can get completely caught in the moment when I see a band I love on stage.
I LOVE that I still get starstruck when I meet people I admire.

Getting all excited because the band/person means so much, and being nervous, even all frozen when I meet someone in person for the first time, not having a clue of what to say or how to act…

That doesn’t even have to be the first time I meet someone. It can also be the second, third, tenth…. I suddenly get shy and lose my breath even with people I know well.
Kind of trying to stay cool, but still getting completely starstruck…sometimes to the point where I realize I am not even making sense at all, because there is just so much I feel that I want to say and it all becomes this weird kind of messy blur, haha…

This actually happens to me far more often than I feel it should…but it’s fine. I am just truly grateful that I’m lucky enough to get to meet so many amazing people.

People that are just so talented and magnetic, and have such bright, colourful and strong energies.
In some cases very bubbly and crushingly powerful, in a way that just totally knocks you out when you connect.
And then there are those that have that soothing and calming energy, the one that is like fresh air filling your lungs, making you feel you can truly breathe again.
And those with so much sunshine and joy, the ones that always make you smile, because you simply can’t avoid it.

And I get drawn into the light, into the energy and get affected by their presence, because it’s all just so beautiful.

Some people truly trigger my gratefulness…and I feel blessed to get to be around them, because they are so kind, talented, humble, grounded and down-to-earth.

And they manage to stay that way even though they are constantly admired, getting their egos fed, put under pressure and tested by their surroundings. Even though they have fans that are not always behaving nicely, they still have trust and faith and allow you to connect with them, they dare to open up and let you in.

And that is just amazing.

So as long as there are energies and connections, there will always be reasons to believe in the goodness of the heart and soul.
There will always be kindness and universal love.
There will always be hope.
We just have to keep fighting.