So, I always use this #everythingisconnected…which is still very much true, but maybe there should be an #everythingiscancelled one instead? Because that is kind of what it feels these days, right?

Tours, shows, festivals and sports events being cancelled and postponed, companies bleeding, shutdowns, lockdowns, people losing their jobs and struggling harder than ever to make ends meet.
And on top of that, the fear of this evil virus and what it does to people in all kinds of ways, both those who haven’t got it and those who have. And all these losses – relatives, family members, friends…

Such extremely weird times to live in.

How many things there are out there that we kind of take for granted – such as travels, live shows, sports, spending time with family and friends and so on…
Things that we absolutely value, but at the same time often see as just a natural part in our lives and maybe therefore not truly appreciate them.

Like music, and those who create it. Those who pour from their heart, soul and mind to give us something to help us get through, to bring us joy, laughter and tears. To ease our pain, to let us know that we are NOT ALONE in this. That there is still reason to believe, to hope, to feel. To have faith. To make us understand that this is not the time to be selfish, because we are all in this TOGETHER.

And yes, it sucks that everything is getting cancelled, shows and festivals we have looked forward to for such a long time, and I am sure we have all lost money and a lot of energy on this. But let’s for a moment think about those who depended on the income from all those cancelled events. And will there even be venues left to have shows at, when all this is over? Will everything keep getting postponed and cancelled the whole year? At this point there really are more questions than answers…

But, at least there is now time for artists and bands to work on new music to share with us, which I really look forward to! And I love the creativity in finding new ways to reach the audience, thinking outside the box – offering special streamings, personalized cover recordings, all kinds of online lessons and what not.

And I hope that when we come out of this – because we will – that we will all have a deeper understanding for each other, and be more supportive.

And that we will feel grateful when we actually get to go to that first live show after this – that we don’t forget that this isn’t something we can or should take for granted.
That this needs to be fully appreciated.

Because honestly, without music… I wouldn’t even be standing today. Would you?

So let’s do what we can to make it possible for our beloved musicians to keep creating, support them on Patreon, buy their OFFICIAL merchandise, their albums, listen to them on Spotify, watch their videos on Youtube and whatever you possibly can think of. And, where possible – buy tickets to their online shows. Buy support tickets for festivals, organizers, venues and such, so we can at least put some band-aid on this bleeding industry, and that way helping it to survive. We need music, and music needs us. Even the smallest things will help.

Please let us all make sure to stay safe and take care of ourselves and our loved ones, and don’t play Russian roulette with other peoples lives. Let us all be smart and kind to nature, animals, the planet and everyone on it.
We will get through this, together.
But we all need to do our part, however big or small.
Because everything IS connected, everything matters.

This song is one of my favourites from last year, I love the feeling in both song and video clip.
And NO – No light shall save us.
WE will do that.