Isn’t it weird how it seems to be so much easier to talk shit about people, especially when it comes to women, than to lift up the ones we admire?
How anyone that doesn’t fit into the box is someone to be scared of, someone to avoid.
Like there is something wrong with intelligence, talent, beauty etc…

I have a true story that has stuck in my mind, even though it was long ago now – but it just kind of says it all…
There was this tight little group of girls who were friends. One of them was a bit overweight, but one day she decided to do something about it – so she started working out, eating healthy and got herself back in shape.
Her girlfriends bought her a ”well done” present – 1000 grams of chocolate.
You do the math on that…

So, today I want to take a moment to send love, appreciation and a massive THANK YOU to all you strong women out there.
Because even if you don’t know it, even though you don’t feel it, you all are strong.
You are all filled with absolute power.
Focus on that strength, and stay true to the amazingness that is YOU.
You got this!

There are a lot of women I admire, but there are three I want to give extra love to today.
Simply because they are such huge sources of inspiration and motivation, being brutally strong and kicking ass – but at the same time having so much heart and soul, caring about the environment, about nature and being grateful to their fans.
And – you can tell that they are truly special when you see how deeply they connect with animals.
Those connections are real and pure, straight from the heart and through the bones, just like these three.

Let me start with the amazing, fascinating, inspiring and awesome Queen Beast – Alissa White-Gluz.
I absolutely LOVE this woman!
Not only does she have a kick-ass voice, she is also a kick-ass soul. There is so much raw strength in her, so much power – but also so much heart.
And she is not one of those who only keeps talking about changes. She gets out there on the barricades, stands up and fights for what she believes in, and she is working hard for this world to be a better place for us all.
Just such wonderful things like she is planting a tree every month for every member of her Patreon fanclub (via Trees for the Future), is heartwarming, but doesn’t surprise me. This woman is incredible!

Then we have Jen Majura.
Simply because she is a kick-ass guitarist and an awesome singer – and also such a beautiful force of nature, with a great mind but above all a HUGE heart.
And I love the quote she posted on the International Women’s Day: “I will use my voice—not so that I can shout or yell, but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back. It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have one – I am not going to be silent.”
And – DO check up her weekly ”1 min jammms” together with friends – bringing us 1 minute of happiness and fun! Watch and find yourself laughing, smiling and getting filled with positive vibes. Amazing!!

And last but not least – Charlotte Wessels.
She has grown so much on me from the first time I fell in love with her voice.
The more I get to know about her, her brain, words, thoughts, feelings, heart, laughter – and her plants! – just increases my respect and admiration. She also has this ”excited nerdy geekiness” about her that is adorable.
And the fact that she actually posts pictures of herself without make up, with messy hair, no fancy clothing: just being natural, real and down-to-earth. That is such an air of freshness in all the shallowness, and it’s nothing but lovely!