Sometimes I think back to what made me fall for a certain band, when I first heard them…and sometimes I remember exactly when and where and why, sometimes I seriously have no clue at all. And if I hadn’t discovered them back then, would I like them if I heard them for the first time today?

And now, what makes me check out new music if it’s not something I just happen to hear because it basically falls in my lap? And is it enough with just hearing the music, or is there need for more? What triggers the need to listen to something unknown, the wanting to learn more, the desire to peek behind the surface?

Watching movies, gaming, listening to the radio, seeing a music video or even just a cool band name or logo… Or reading a review, an article or seeing a band photo, maybe recognizing a member from another band. Or not knowing anyone at all, so you need to look up all of them and find out what they have done before, what instruments they can play or if they are in other bands, and maybe you also need to listen to those other ones? Who writes the songs? Designs the artwork? And – very very important if something hits home – what does the merchandise look like?

Festivals (remember those – used to be a thing back in 2019…?!)(oh yes, I really had to, sorry) – are really great for discovering new bands. Either before – when you go through the lineup to decide what you need to see and how to fit them all in the schedule – or during, when you just accidentally happen to pass by and get caught by an image, a vibe, a beat or a solo. Doesn’t have to be a festival, for that matter – sometimes you can pass a window and hear fragments of a song that just awakens something inside you.

Or meeting someone, start talking, connect – and finding out that they are in a band. If it’s a band you haven’t heard of – you might look that up. And THAT can be the beginning of a very beautiful musical love story…

Sometimes new music can be a recommendation from a friend, which is truly appreciated – just as long as it’s not too pushy! If you tell me that I ”HAVE TO” listen to this and that, I will probably be extreeeeeeeemely very mucho mature and just refuse… (and then secretly listen to it later)

On the other hand… I do this myself every now and then. I do tell friends they need to listen to a specific band or song (which right now would be Spiritual Beggars – ”The Road Less Travelled” and ”Lifelong Tragedy” by Dead End Finland – I absofrekkinlutely LOVE those songs!) (oh yes, way to go – throwing bricks and stones all over my glass house!)

When it comes to songs, some I just enjoy listening to, and some really make me want to know the story behind, if there was something specific that triggered the notes, the mood, the words….all of it!

Or languages! I LOVE languages!!
Throw me a song I like in a different language – and I will want to understand what it’s about.
This can also lead to me trying to learn the entire language, because I suddenly got in my head that I needed to……

And sometimes it’s just about wanting to be able to sing along when the chance is given.
And just for those who want to know – a very non-scientific investigation reveals that the song most responsible for foreigners learning Swedish – is Sabaton’s ”En livstid i krig”.

There are also a lot of related thoughts and questions, if you just let your mind float as far away as it can…like a friend of mine, who thinks that the Savage Messiah ”Demons” album is an excellent one for running – so do the band members run to it as well? Or songs that are truly great for workouts – do the songwriters get that energetic vibe and feel empowered, making them push harder in the gym?

So many twists and turns and details to think about… Like, is there a meaning with the tattoos a certain band member has? Or the colour of the hair? The over-all style…..or lack of it?
Sometimes you just really want to know.

But every once in a while a song comes along… And it’s so refreshing to realize that it seriously doesn’t matter who made it.
It’s the music that does the talking, the music that connects with you.
Nothing else. Just you and the music.
In the moment.
Here and now.
Like this song from this band.
I really don’t care who they are, I’m just grateful they made this and put it out there.