I am hanging on a bit to all those amazing songs I have or haven’t seen live….
And I just saw the movie ”Bohemian Rhapsody”.
And I cried almost all the time.
That movie just triggers every possible emotion in me – joy, pride, warmth, sorrow, pain… it’s just simply overwhelming.
And brilliant.

And then it hit me again how much I would have loved to experience Queen live, when there was a chance to see them with Freddie Mercury.

I have seen Queen with Paul Rodgers.
And also with Adam Lambert, which was an amazing show, but still… I never saw them with Freddie. And since I don’t have access to a time machine, that wish will always be a mission impossible.

I am truly grateful that I had the possibility to see Ronnie James Dio a few times before he left us, and above all I am grateful for getting to truly experience Chris Cornell live. The last show he did in Stockholm was such an intimate and beautiful one, it still fills my soul with love – and sadness, because such an amazing talent left us too soon.

So I just have to try to take every chance to see the bands I really want to see, whenever it’s possible.

Because we can never know when it’s too late.

And although it isn’t possible for me to travel in time, there is still the possibility to at least travel to other parts of the world. Because distance… is nothing more than a test to see how far the love can go.

There are those who think it’s too far to take a trip to a city that is one, maybe two hours away – and those who travel halfway around the world to catch ONE gig with the band they love.

So far I have gone on a bunch of 1-2 day trips to Germany and Turkey for one show, so nothing too insane.
But I am sure it will happen. Some day.
Because I would rather regret something I have done, than the things I never did, the trips I never made…

So I will travel.
One way or the other the money will return.

The time will not.