So, I did some sorting in my closets the other day…and got reminded about all the band shirts and hoodies I own….

I sometimes wonder how long I would be able to go, wearing one band shirt a day, before I had to do the laundry.
Maybe I will check that one day.

Actually, a friend of mine did exactly this a while back, and he managed 221 days before he ran out.
That is a lot.
(I am pretty sure he has gotten some new ones after this, so now it would probably be even more).

Although I wouldn’t get that far before having to stop, but still.
I have a lot of them.
But never enough.

Buying merchandise is pretty much the only shopping I like, because I am truly not a fan of shopping. I don’t see the purpose of owning hundreds of pairs of shoes, for example… (But that is fine, I don’t have to, we are all different, right?)

But, merch.
I just love the joy of having a new piece in my hands, from a band I love.
There just never can be too much, even though my brain sometimes tries to tell me I already have more than enough.

There are actually times when I haven’t bought anything, because the items offered have been…..well, to be diplomatic – not so pretty.
I mean – even though I really want to support, I also want to actually WEAR the stuff I buy and not just store it in a closet or somewhere else.

Most of the times it is the other way around, though – I want to buy everything and even more. But sometime the wallet just says NO.

And sometimes there isn’t even any merchandise at all to buy…which is a bummer.

But it’s just so great when there are some different items to choose from, and also those who dare to use other colours than black. Don’t get me wrong, black is amazing, but sometimes it’s nice to break it off with something in white or green or blue or whatever.

And it’s such an easy way to show support for the band, just buy their official merchandise. And making sure it really is their official, and not some shady black market stuff or something like that. After all, we want to be sure that the money actually goes to the band we love, and not someone making a profit out of fans wanting to support, right?

And speaking of support, there are too many of those so called friends of the bands saying ”I know you, so give me this T-shirt and give me that hoodie – for free”.
I don’t get that.
If you are a friend, you probably want the band to do well, right?
Well, you can show that by supporting them by paying for what you want.
Even if it is just a patch or a pin or whatever small. Everything counts.
(And you will look great at the same time.)

But yes – going to shows can be really expensive. We have to buy the ticket and pay for the trips if it isn’t nearby, and sometimes get a hotel or stay at a camp site or whatever. Everything costs, that is true.

But everything costs for the bands as well, and that is sometimes easy to forget. If we want the bands we love to continue touring, buying their merchandise is a truly good way to making part of that possible. #supportthebandsyoulove

And this week I will be shopping again – something from this band will be added to my collection!