Isn’t it just kind of funny and amazing how even the smallest details suddenly make sense, when you back track?

How everything just matters, even though you might think it doesn’t… and then you start connecting the dots and it all just falls into place, and you see how this led to that which led to a third thing, a fourth, a fifth… Even the tiniest thing,

How that ONE single, short meeting you had with someone, where you instantly connected – and that person now is someone you couldn’t imagine your world without?

And it doesn’t matter how long you have known this person, because with some you just simply feel it straight from the start, that INSTANT LOVE – and with others it may take a little more. And maybe you have only known them for a really short while, but when you think back, you can hardly remember your world without them. Because they simply belong.

It can be someone sending you a friend request on Facebook, even though you might only have one mutual friend, so you wouldn’t normally accept, but for some reason you do. And you have absolutely no contact for years, and then suddenly – you connect and start communicating. And you meet, you discover a new band and fall completely in love with the vibes and the energy from these new people. Then they are suddenly a part of your world and you almost forget there was a time when they weren’t. Because it all feels so natural.

Or someone you have ALMOST crossed paths with for ages, because you have a lot of friends in common, you visit the same places at the same times, but you never meet – until the timing is right.

Like this lovely one on the picture, my dear sweetheart Dess. We met in December 2018, and it was true instant love from the first smile and hug. Since then we have been on tour together (she was our brilliant tour manager on the And Then She Came Kaosystematiq tour in September, and can also be seen in last chapter’s video, in case you missed that). And I just simply adore and love her.

And it was of course no coincidence that we met that day, because she was visiting her boyfriend who was on tour, and we were all at the same venue. He is a friend that I got to know through another friend and through another friend who I got to know on a tour I was on because I knew someone…
So well, I will never underestimate the power of connecting with people and where it may lead. There are a few more truly strong connections coming from this circle, but I don’t know yet where they will lead. We will see…

With ATSC, btw – the fun thing is, that I first met the entire band at a signing session in Germany – and the lovely singer was the one I got to first. I had my own pen with me (of course, always be prepared!!)(and it was actually needed). And out of the blue, even though we had never met before – she said “we should take you on tour with us” – and well….the year after they actually did.

Speaking of bands…like the one in the video below, Eleine.
In the spring of 2015 I was asked to review a debut album from a band I had never heard of, for Sweden Rock Magazine.
And then they did a show at Sweden Rock Festival the year after, and I stumbled upon their amazing singer Madeleine by “coincidence”. (No, right – I don’t believe in coincidences. No one is really sent by accident to anyone).

It was a really quick meeting, but we connected and kept in touch, and now we are pretty much at the point where we connect daily. She is truly one of those I am grateful of having in my life and I sometimes wish we lived closer to eachother so we could spend more time out in the real world together.
But then again – distance means nothing when someone is important (yes, I might have mentioned this before… And will surely do again).

And all of these connections have one thing in common.
Music is always the key, always the answer.
It’s just a true blessing to have so many amazing people in my world.
Thanks to music.
Music. And Butterflies. Always butterflies.

And I am truly looking forward to see what lies ahead.