It is the first new material the group releases in two years after the critically acclaimed album Applause of a Distant Crowd 2018. The song floats elegantly back and forth between hard riffs and stunningly beautiful melodies with all the complexity that has become the hallmark of Vola. “The Head Mounted Sideways is a metaphor for looking away,” says Asger Mygind. “I had no real idea with the text at first but when I then knew it would deal with anger it felt it is quite right to describe it through the decay of civilization and the irresponsibility for it even though it is so obviously. It is not necessarily about our earth 2020. What I felt was important was the image of one a world built on a lack of morality and how the world collapses due to cracks in the foundation. ”

The songs on the new album were written shortly after the band returned home after their European tour as main attraction in 2019 where many of the gigs were sold out. It was the end of two fantastic years where they too toured with bands such as Dream Theater, Anathema, Katatonia, Haken, Monuments and performances at Euroblast, Ramblin ’Man Fair, Radar Festival, Bloodstock, Damnation Fest, Tech Fest and more.

The previous album Applause of a Distant Crowd describes society’s lack of care and took a closer look on how human relationships have evolved. It also touched on topics such as fear and anxiety while the group’s debut album, Inmazes, described the difficulties that arise when caught in mental labyrinths. The lyrics intertwine the exploitation of human nature narrated in a highly personal way. I think Steven Wilson has been a great source of inspiration for me writing songs about “the common man” instead of about philosophy, mythology, etc. ”, Asger continues. “I prefer texts with characters and situations too they are easier to relate to and where everyday nouns are often used. It’s a great way to write “Down to earth” while the music can be very elusive and have an unrealistic vibe. ” The song begins with the weight of an annihilating war that leads to the lyrics: “We should let the mud consume this thing we built / 80 years of drooling turned to streams of filth / Wounds appearing underneath the skin we killed / Head mounted sideways to shun the guilt ”and which then culminates in a gripping delicate final.

“We like contrasts because it not only makes it easier to create different emotions in the song but also the opportunity to change the character’s opinions and feelings, ”he says. “On Head Mounted Sideways so the opinions of one of the victims change in the second verse. ” When listening to Vola, there is always an underlying cinematic aesthetic that explodes in front of one. But then you are lured deeper into underground labyrinths where you follow the story further down its veins.

  • Asger Mygind – vocals, guitar
  • Martin Werner – keyboard
  • Nicolai Mogensen – bass
  • Adam Janzi – drums

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