Abbath release new track, Dream Cull, and announce 3:rd album “Dread Reaver”

Riff-maestro Abbath Doom Occulta cements his place among the heavy metal hierarchy with “Dread Reaver”, his third album with eponymous project Abbath. His signature blend of blistering speed metal, traditional metal influences, and touch of ice-cold black metal create a sound and style that is distinctly his. It’s spirited, balls-to-the-walls energy certifies ‘Dread Reaver’ as the quintessential anthem for galloping forth into the pit. The album is ready, “Dread Reaver” will be out on March 25

Two years in the making, Abbath’s third full-length is the culmination of everything before it. A fusion of debut “Abbath” (2016) and follow-up “Outstrider” (2019), the aptly titled “Dread Reaver” extends its fantastical fangs outward and drives its cloven hooves onward. Indeed, there’s nothing like an ABBATH record. This is the darkest metal for epic journeys and ancient battles. Comprised of eight riveting tracks and a red-hot cover of Metallica’s “Trapped Under Ice”, “Dread Reaver” shows Abbath triumphing over all trials and tribulations, riding hard into merciless glory as the one and only “Lemmy of black metal.”

Powered by Abbath’s creative musical imagination, “Dread Reaver” runs riotously out of the gate. The album’s edifice affords tracks like “Acid Haze”, “Scarred Core”, “The Deep Unbound” and the album’s closing title track ample room to champion the extremes of black metal, heavy metal, and hard rock. While there are nods to NWOBHM greats, thrash metal’s luminaries, and black metal icons, “Dread Reaver” is unmistakably Abbath. There is no other fingerprint. Paired with thought-provoking lyrics based on the historical figure of Othryades, Abbath’s third album not only shouts exultant but reads like an ancient pyrrhic tale steeped in violence, sorrow, and grit. The idea of a Dread Reaver — a fearless duelist — can also be read as a metaphor for life’s actions and subsequent struggles.

  1. Acid Haze
  2. Scarred Core
  3. Dream Cull
  4. Myrmidon
  5. The Deep Unbound
  6. Septentrion
  7. Trapped Under Ice
  8. The Book Of Breath
  9. Dread Reaver

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  • Abbath – Vocals & guitars
  • Ole Andre Farstad – Guitars
  • Ukri Suviletho – Drums
  • Frode Kilvik – Bass

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