Frontiers Music Srl has signed the Italian symphonic metal band Agarthic. “The Inner Side”, the band’s debut album, was recorded under the direction of producer Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere, Archon Angel, Timo Tolkki’s Avalon, etc.). It will be released on December 10, 2021, but a video is already available for the single, “A Journey To The End Of The World”. Watch it here:


Agarthic was founded in 2019 by composer and bassist Mattia Gosetti and vocalist Valeriano De Zordo. Mattia’s deep passion for symphonic rock has always been apparent, but in particular when he and his wife won the “Elan Cover Contest”, an international competition organized by Nightwish. The band’s line up is rounded out by two other talented Italian musicians, Jesai Fiabane on guitar and Denis Novello on drums. Agarthic’s music is strongly inspired by the nature that surrounds them, in particular by the Dolomites, a mountain range in Italy. Their compositions tell stories of fantasy and mysteries of humanity, a romantic and enveloping soundtrack that will take you on a thrilling journey with cinematic flavor.

1  The Beginning Of All
2  The Ancient Secret Scroll
3  A Journey To The End Of The World
4  A Heaven Inside This Earth
5  Through The Mystical Forest
6  Message From The Gods
7  Back Home
8  Negotiations Failed
9  Escape To Antarctica
10  Last Journey
11  Illuminati’s Reign

Valeriano De Zordo – Vocals
Mattia Gosetti – Bass, Orchestral Synth
Jesai Fiabane – Guitars
Denis Novello – Drums

Guest vocals on “Negotiations Failed” by Fabio Lione
Guitar solo on “Negotiations Failed” by Aldo Lonobile
Rhythm Guitars by Federico Maraucci
All choirs by Valeriano De Zordo, Mattia Gosetti, Marco Pastorino and Sonia Da Col