Asphyx launch video for Botox Implosion

As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, the Dutch band Asphyx will release their 10th full studio album, “Necroceros”, on January 22nd, 2021 via Century Media Records.

The album’s first single “Botox Implosion” has a video filmed by Maurice Swinkels / Younique Film (Legion Of the Damned, Exodus, Kataklysm, etc.) that can be seen here:

ASPHYX line-up (from left to right): Stefan “Husky” Hüskens (drums), Paul Baayens (guitars), Alwin Zuur (bass), Martin van Drunen (vocals).

Asphyx frontman Martin van Drunen checked in about the song and its video as follows:  We actually wanted to film this on Sunset Boulevard LA, where most of the pathetic subjects of this song have their residence, but due to the pandemic it was best not to fly over to the USA. So since it’s a fast shredding and written in the typical humorous death metal gore tradition track, we put a few laughable elements in it. Fortunately good old Turock in Essen was so friendly to let us film there and where we’re usually not that keen on shooting videos, with this one we had quite some fun. Still, it is a helluva brutal tune!”


ASPHYX – Live 2020/2021:

05.12.2020 Speyer (Germany) – Halle 101 Musikkulturzentrum
05.02.2021 Göttingen (Germany) – Junges Theater
06.02.2021 Rostock (Germany) – Mau Club
06.03.2021 Zaragoza (Spain) – C. C. Valdefierro
03.04.2021 Oslo (Norway) – Inferno Metal Festival
07.05.2021 Plozévet (France) – Courts of Chaos Festival
22.05.2021 Vienna (Austria) – Vienna Metal Meeting
12.06.2021 Hauptmannsgrün (Germany) – Chronical Moshers Open Air
29.07.2021 Tolmin (Slovenia) – MetalDays
12.08.2021 Jaromer (Czech Republic) – Brutal Assault
13.08.2021 Schlotheim (Germany) – Party.San Open Air
28.08.2021 Wörrstadt (Germany) – Neuborn Open Air
04.09.2021 Copenhagen (Denmark) – Kill-Town Deathfest
10.09.2021 Hüttikon (Switzerland) – Meh Suff Fest
16.10.2021 London (UK) – Sublime Terror Fest
20.11.2021 Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) – Mass Deathruction

And many more to be announced soon…

ASPHYX – “Necroceros”:
The Sole Cure is Death
Molten Black Earth
Mount Skull
Knights Templar Stand
Three Years of Famine
Botox Implosion
In Blazing Oceans
The Nameless Elite
Yield or Die

The pre-order for “Necroceros” in all its various formats has started HERE!

“Necroceros” will be available in the following formats:

– Standard Jewelcase CD
– Digital Album
– 180g LP
– Limited Mediabook CD+DVD
– Strictly limited Deluxe Gatefold 2LP+DVD

The limited Mediabook CD edition comes with an expanded booklet of 40 pages as well as the Bonus DVD “30 Years of Death Doom Domination”, with over 2 hours of playing time. The DVD contains 2017’s special ASPHYX live-show for their 30th band-anniversary with raw and pure camera-sound, as well as rehearsal footage and interviews with all current and former band members who attended this remarkable event.

The strictly limited Deluxe 2LP version of “Necroceros” is available either as dark green-yellow-white splattered vinyl (Limited to 500x copies via CM Distro or the band) or as white-black marbled vinyl (Limited to 500x copies available from Nuclear Blast). Next to the “30 Years of Death Doom Domination” Bonus DVD, this Deluxe format of the album will come in Gatefold packaging with a bonus 12″ vinyl, featuring 2 bonus-tracks (“Full Death Metal Scenario” and “Triple D”) on side C and an Etching on side D. This edition also includes the double-sided A2 poster, an exclusive LP booklet of 24 pages as well as an originally signed Asphyx photocard.

The album’s LP version will come on 180g vinyl and with a double-sided A2 poster in the following variations and limitations:

– Black LP: Unlimited
– Clear LP: 200x copies (via CM Webshop Europe)
– Dark green LP: 400x copies (via CM Distro Europe)
– Transparent petrol green LP: 200x copies (via District 19 Webshop)
– Deep blood red LP: 200x copies (via EMP)
– Grey LP: 200x copies (via High Roller)
– Mint colored LP: 200x copies (via Supreme Chaos)
– Transparent blue LP: 200x copies (via Sound Of Records)
– Olive green LP: 500x copies (via CM USA / All Outlets) *
– Brick red LP: 500x copies (via CM USA / Indie Outlets) *
– White LP: 200x copies (via CM USA / Revolver) *
– Transparent orange LP: 200x copies (via CM USA Webshop) *

* Please note that the US versions of the LP will be available as of February 12th, 2021.


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Asphyx launch video for Botox Implosion

November 9, 2020

Asphyx will release their 10th full studio album, "Necroceros", on January 22nd, 2021

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