One week ago Ayreon released the new album “Transitus” (read our review at Stargazed Magazine HERE). The band/project have now released a new video for “Daniel’s Descent into Transitus” off the album. Arjen Lucassen comments: “And finally the official video! The most outrageous mini-movie I ever made! Welcome to the mystical realm of Transitus with Simone Simons as the Angel of Death, Tommy Karevik as Daniel, Marcela Bovio and Caroline Westendorp as the Furies. And listen to my story!”

Watch the video here:

Angel of Death – Simone Simons
Daniel – Tommy Karevik
The Furies – Marcela Bovio and Caroline Westendorp
Abby – Cammie Gilbert
Henry – Paul Manzi
Storyteller – Tom Baker
Souls of the Recently Departed – Katja van de Kraats, Peter Kettenis, Monique Hooft, Petra Jochems, Ruth Jochems Sr., Ruth Jochems Jr.

Drums – Juan van Emmerloot
Hammond and Piano – Joost van den Broek
Choir – Hellscore
Trumpet and Trombone – Thomas Cochrane
Flute – Jeroen Goossens
Cello – Jurriaan Westerveld
Violin – Ben Mathot
Horn – Alex Thyssen
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards – Arjen Lucassen