Ayreon release “Transitus” the 25th of september, new video out now

“Talk of the Town” is the new video from upcoming album “Transitus” from dutch project Ayreon. Arjen Lucassen is the master mind behind Ayreon and here is his own words about the new single “Talk of the Town”:

”Here’s the 4th and final lyric (behind-the-scenes) video before the release of Transitus next week:

Talk of the Town. I think this is the most Ayreon-ish track on the album. It features Tom Baker, Paul Manzi,

Tommy Karevik and Cammie Gilbert on vocals, and the fantastic instrumentalists Juan van Emmerloot,

Joost van den Broek, Patty Gurdy, Jeroen Goossens and Ben Mathot. Oh yeah… and some tall beardy dude

provides the comic relief 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!”

Martin Nygren at Stargazed Magazine has been doing an interview with Arjen which will be published in a couple of weeks.

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