As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, Polish black metal band Batushka released their sophomore album “Hospodi” through Metal Blade Records on July 12th. You can now watch the official music video for “Chapter IV: Crucifixion – Utrenia (Утреня)” below:


UTRENIA (Matins or Morning Prayer). The rites of the Orthodox Liturgy of the Hours performed before the Polunoszcznica /The Midnight/ and the Pierwyj Czas /Firts Hour/ between Nocturne or “Night Devotion” and the Pryma (Latin Prima, otherwise the first canonical hour), in practice it is the First Great Devotion of the day, which should start before sunrise. This service should resemble Christ’s resurrection, or the deceased whom we say goodbye on his last journey, while we perversely recall the memory of the second villain who hung along with him on the cross. In this way, we express our sadness and anger. HOSPODI – God who brings DEATH.

Live performances will be announced shortly.