Behold Electric Guitar! Paul Gilbert is Havin’ It!

As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, guitar genius Paul Gilbert (Racer X, Mr. Big, G3) will bring his Masterclass show to Sweden for dates in Stockholm and Örebro in April. For all European and US tour dates, visit

It has now also been announced that his next album “Behold Electric Guitar” will be released (CD, 2LP, Digital) on May 17th through Mascot Label Group/Music Theories Recordings. For a preview, you can watch the video for “Havin’ It” here:

Paul Gilbert’s newest album features 12 new original songs, all with Paul’s most expressive, and inspired guitar playing to date!

After his recent move to Portland, Oregon, Paul set out to connect with the best and grooviest musicians in the area, and record an album in his brand new hometown. Brian Foxworth (drums) and Asher Fulero (keyboards) were both obvious choices to play Paul’s mix of rock, blues, jazz, and pop flavors. When Paul’s regular Portland bassist Kelly Lemieux was unavailable (due to his touring with Buckcherry), Paul reached out to New Orleans bass legend, Roland Guerin. Roland came to Portland weeks before the recording dates for intense rehearsing and arranging sessions.

With the band complete, Paul enlisted legendary producer and engineer John Cuniberti. John is well known for his work with Joe Satriani, but Paul was primarily interested in John’s expertise with “one mic” recording. Paul explains, “It’s so easy to make albums with overdubbing and editing these days, but I really prefer playing live and just getting the music to sound right because the musicians, the songs, and the performances are good.” After hearing Paul’s band, John recommended a few more mics, but still agreed that the music worked best as live performances with no overdubs. “There is not one overdub on the record. Everything you hear is four guys jamming, listening to each other, and making room for each other. The music almost mixes itself that way! And it’s just a great mindset to have. When you know that you won’t be fixing or adding parts later… It keeps your mind very active to get things right!”

Talking about the songwriting process, Paul explains, “I begin most of the songs by writing lyrics. This gives me a rhythmic and melodic puzzle to solve. I have a really good time working out the melody with the right chords, arrangement, and groove. Whenever the song is feeling like it’s holding together, I toss out my vocal sketch, and start playing the melody with my guitar. The challenge is to keep the elements of expression that a vocalist has. The wonderful thing is that the guitar is so easy in other ways. Big interval jumps and high notes are never a problem! It’s such a joy to have these limitations removed, and to have the freedom to write melodies as if my voice could make any athletic leap. With my guitar, I can do it!”

Guitar fans will notice that Paul’s harmonic vocabulary has expanded considerably on “Behold Electric Guitar.” “I’ve been studying blues for years now, and that’s just a doorway into the larger house that is jazz. There are so many interesting notes there! I love having new sounds to explore.”

Paul’s invention of the “Slide Magnet” modification to his guitar, has also enabled some new sounds. “I had my repair guy in Portland install a super strong magnet in the lower horn of my guitar. The magnet holds a chromed steel slide in place, so I can grab the slide and put it back at lightning speed. That way I can use the slide when I need it, and get back to my regular playing in a split second. It’s fantastic to be able to use this new part of my ‘voice’ while I’m playing live.”


Behold Electric Guitar

Behold Electric Guitar

1 Havin’ It
2 I Own A Building
3 Everywhere That Mary Went
4 Love Is The Saddest Thing
5 Sir You Need To Calm Down
6 Let That Battery Die
7 Blues For Rabbit
8 Every Snare Drum
9 A Snake Just Bit My Toe
10 I Love My Lawnmower
11 A Herd Of Turtles
12 Things Can Walk to You


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Behold Electric Guitar! Paul Gilbert is Havin’ It!

March 21, 2019

"I've been studying blues for years now, and that's just a doorway into the larger house that is jazz. There are so many interesting notes there! I love having new sounds to explore."

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