Blind Guardian’s Twilight Orchestra has reached a Point Of No Return in This Storm

As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, Blind Guardian’s upcoming release “Legacy Of The Dark Lands” will be an orchestral album, an idea originally formed in the minds of André Olbrich and Hansi Kürsch during the 1990s. Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra will have their album out on November 8th, 2019.

For a first taste, the first single ‘Point Of No Return’ can be enjoyed in the form of a lyric video here:


Hansi states, “Finally, after ages of talking about it, it is time to unleash the beast. We have heard your pleas and here it is, a first glimpse of what »Legacy Of The Dark Lands« is about. We have reached the ‘Point Of No Return’ and there for sure will be no taking back. »Legacy Of The Dark Lands« will be released on November 8, 2019. Enjoy listening to the first single of this wonderful album. ‘Point Of No Return’ is a very vivid song and already gives you a very good insight of what to expect from the upcoming release. The song has it all, it is intense, very melodious and epic at the same time. Don’t forget to check out the lyric video for ‘Point Of No Return.’ But now enjoy this first short trip to the »Dark Lands.« Still, this is just the beginning.”


»Legacy Of The Dark Lands« will be available in the following formats and can now be pre-ordered:

– 2CD Digipak
– 2LP Gatefold (different colours, picture)
– 3CD Earbook (album, instrumental, no interludes version)
– 4CD Earbook (album, instrumental, no interludes version, audiobook) *SOLD OUT*
– 5LP Box (album 2LP, instrumental 2LP, audiobook LP)


In addition, Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra have announced the release of a 7″ vinyl single titled »This Storm,« for October 4th, 2019, which can also be pre-ordered in various colours (clear, gold, red/black splattered).

»This Storm« 7″ Vinyl Single – Track Listing:

Side A: This Storm
Side B: This Storm (Instrumental)

Cristoffer Eriksson

Cristoffer Eriksson


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