When Swedish power metal band Bloodbound surfaced in 2005 with their debut album, “Nosferatu”, it was an album that celebrated the band’s admiration for metal icons like Iron Maiden, Helloween and Judas Priest, recorded on a small budget with no visions of grandeur behind it. With eight studio albums, a live record and an EP under their belts since then, Bloodbound will return in 2021 with album #9, “Creatures Of The Dark Realm”, out on May 28th through AFM Records.

As a first preview of the upcoming album, the band have now released the first single, “When Fate Is Calling”. Watch the lyric video here:

“Creatures Of The Dark Realm” tracklisting:
01. The Creatures Preludium
02. Creatures Of The Dark Realm
03. When Fate is Calling
04. Ever Burning Flame
05. Eyes Come Alive
06. Death Will Lead The Way
07. Gathering Of Souls
08. Kill Or Be Killed
09. The Gargoyles Gate
10. March Into War
11. Face Of Evil
12. The Wicked And The Weak

Pre-order the album HERE.