As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, Swedish metal crew Bombus will release their new album, “Vulture Culture”, on November 15th.

Now the band have released the first single, entitled “Mama”, off their upcoming album. Guitarist/vocalist Feffe comments: “It’s always hard to pick your album’s singles. It’s not easier to pick the one to go first. That song is supposed to catch everyone’s attention and represent the album as a whole. For us “Mama” became the pick of the litter. If I were to sum up “Vulture Culture” in one song, “Mama” is the one for sure. For the video Ulf Lundén was the obvious choice. He is our go-to-guy when it comes to artwork. With him you never know what you gonna get, but you know it’s gonna be great! And this time he really surpassed our high expectations by far! It’s the bomb! Hope you dig it!”

Watch the video for “Mama” here:


“Vulture Culture” tracklist:

1. A Ladder – Not A Shovel
2. (You Are All Just) Human Beings
3. Mama
4. It’s All Over
5. In the Shadows
6. We Lost A Lot Of Blood Today
7. Vulture Culture
8. Two Wolves and One Sheep
9. Feeling Is Believing

Pre-order the album HERE.