Burning Witches will “Open Your Mind” with “Hexenhammer”

Burning Witches will “Open Your Mind” with “Hexenhammer”

Old-school heavy metal band Burning Witches will release their second album, »Hexenhammer«, on November 9th, 2018 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The third single ‘Open Your Mind’ can be heard below:

The band states: The song delivers a message for all of us: Don’t let fear and anger control your life! We all should stand together in this time, when racism is about to grow again. We should remember that we are all the same. «Open your Mind – Open your Heart – and try to remember how to cry!”



»Hexenhammer« – Track Listing:
01. The Witch Circle
02. Executed
03. Lords Of War
04. Open Your Mind
05. Don’t Cry My Tears
06. Maiden Of Steel
07. Dungeon Of Infamy
08. Dead Ender
09. Hexenhammer
10. Possession
11. Maneater
12. Holy Diver
Bonus Tracks
13. Self Sacrifice
14. Don’t Cry My Tears (Acoustic)

Pre-order »Hexenhammer« here

The forthcoming record was produced in the Little Creek Studio by the same team as its predecessor: V.O. Pulver (PRO-PAIN, DESTRUCTION, NERVOSA, PÄNZER) and DESTRUCTION legend Schmier. The cover artwork was created by acclaimed Hungarian artist Gyula, who has also created artwork for DESTRUCTION, ANNIHILATOR, GRAVE DIGGER, STRATOVARIUS, TANKARD and many more.

‘Hexenhammer’ OFFICIAL VIDEO:


Album Trailer #1:

Album Trailer #2:


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