As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, the Swedish rock band Cap Outrun has signed with Frontiers Music Srl, with the album “High On Deception” to be released on December 10, 2021. The official music video for the title track can now be watched here:

Since the release of ”Influence Grind” (2008), founder Andrée Theander has worked as a session player, guitar teacher and with his own AOR/Westcoast project Theander Expression, while Erik Gafvelin Wiss focused on producing and mixing records by other bands, like Creye, Cruzh, and Arctic Rain to name a few. Although Erik continues with his studio work and is still involved in Cap Outrun, he has decided to take a step back as the main keyboardist and that spot has been given to the session player André Egbo. Vocalist Chandler Mogel (Double Vision, Outloud), bassist Linus ”Mr. Gul” Abrahamson (Andromeda, Constanica), and drummer Johan Ludvig Rask round out the line-up. Musical influences include everything from Swedish progressive rock bands Kaipa and Karmakanic to legendary American bands like Toto and Boston.


1  Crazy Enough
2  High On Deception
3  Disaster Mindset
4  In The Shade Of The Masquerade
5  Shadows On The Wall
6  Our Brightest Day
7  My Destination
8  Run Before We Walk
9  As Long As You Believe
10  Dopamine Overflow


Cap Outrun:
Chandler Mogel – Lead vocals
Andrée Theander – Guitars and backing vocals
Johan Ludvig Rask – Drums and percussion
Linus Abrahamson – Bass
André Egbo – Keyboards