Alex Waghorn: lead & backing vocals
Anton Joensson: lead & rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Dennis Butabi Borg: bass, backing vocals
Matt Silver: drums & percussion, backing vocals
Erik Wiss: keyboards & piano

Featuring a new vocalist, Alex Waghorn, Cruzh are back with a new album, “Tropical Thunder”, to be released on August 6, 2021 via Frontiers Music Srl.

Of the first single, ‘We Go Together’, bassist Dennis Butabi Borg says, “It’s a song about the past and the future. The lyrics are actually based on my childhood or early teenage years growing up in a small suburban village in southern Sweden. It is about the carefree and exciting moments you had as a kid, when school breaks seemed so long that you thought they’d never end, and the only thing that mattered for the day was the adventures and escapades you experienced with your best buddies on a warm summer’s night. I’m talking about the feeling of invincibility and strength of never-ending friendship. I think the theme of the song merges perfectly with the music. The native touch in the intro really fetches the feeling of wildlife and urge for excursion and when the chorus kicks in, who knows, you might wanna go hiking.  Listen, and forget the sometimes troubled reality for a while. Take a trip down memory lane. This song is for all of you. It’s for all of us. We are forever. We Go Together.”

A first taste of the album is available through the video for “We Go Together”.

“Overall we wanted more edge, more attitude, simply more rock n’ roll compared to our first album. The songs on ‘Tropical Thunder’ definitely give a more true picture of what Cruzh is all about. We’ve had some time to write new material and get back to our roots since 2016, so I’d say that the writing process went smoothly. I was kind of sceptical though prior to our mixing sessions, which had to be done Covid-safe, which meant that Alex, who lives in the same city as our producer Erik Wiss could attend, but the rest of us had to send mixes and comments back and forth. However, the end result turned out awesome anyway and we made the best of the situation,” says guitarist Anton Joensson.

1.  Tropical Thunder
2.  We Go Together
3.  Turn Back Time
4.  Are You Ready?
5.  Cady
6.  New York Nights
7.  All You Need
8.  Line In The Sand
9.  Moonshine Bayou
10. Paralyzed
11. N.R.J.C.
Cruzh was put together in 2013 after the demise of Swedish glam rockers TrashQueen in which both Anton and Butabi played. Their self-titled debut was released in 2016 to rave reviews from the melodic rock community. Alex Waghorn was first introduced to Cruzh fans in 2019 with the release of an acoustic version of the song “Aim For The Head”. Waghorn, along with Dennis Butabi Borg, Anton Joensson, and Matt Silver,  spent 2020 working on their second album, “Tropical Thunder”.