Iceland’s Cult Of Lilith will release their debut full-length, ”Mara”, on September 4th via Metal Blade Records. The album is described as a frantic collision of death metal, prog, complex classical structures and more.

In 2016 guitarist Daniel Þór Hannesson released the EP “Arkanum” as the sole member with the help of hired musicians. With the addition of vocalist Mario Infantes Ávalos a full band that was cemented in 2018. Daniel comments: “Stylistically, “Mara” is way more diverse and refined than “Arkanum”, but still retains some of the essential ideas of composition. There was another vocalist at the time and since their styles are so different, it has made a big impact on the progression of the band. Mario has great range, so he fits very well with our diverse music. There is also a big difference in sound: “Mara” is much heavier, in your face and beefier than “Arkanum”, thanks to the amazing Dave Otero, who mixed and mastered the album.”

For a first preview of the album, the new single, “Cosmic Maelstrom”, can be heard HERE.

“Mara” track-listing:
1. Cosmic Maelstrom
2. Purple Tide
3. Enter the Mancubus
4. Atlas
5. Comatose
6. Profeta Paloma
7. Zángano
8. Le Soupir du Fantôme

Pre-order the album HERE.

Cult of Lilith line-up:
Mario Infantes Ávalos – Vocals
Daniel Þór Hannesson – Guitar, Composition and arrangements
Kristján Jóhann Júlíusson – Guitar, Composition and arrangements
Samúel Örn Böðvarsson – Bass
Kjartan Harðarson – Drums