The cinematic rock band Earthside signs for Music Theories Recordings / Mascot Label Group and releases the comeback single “All We Knew And Ever Loved”!

“Humans are the only beings that knowingly destroy themselves. “All We Knew And Ever Loved” will be gone as we keep perpetuating the same poor decision-making as a species. Day by day, we’re beginning to see very real consequences to these wilful abuses on a scale we don’t fully comprehend.
The animated short film we have created for this piece of music explores this ideology, and we’re proud to be able to finally release this to the world.”

When an artist resurfaces after years spent in creative immersion, whatever they return with needs to make a statement. This is even more the case when said artist is following up a debut as heavily acclaimed as 2015’s A Dream In Static, a work widely regarded as one of the finest, most attention seizing debut albums in recent rock and metal music.

New England based Cinematic rock collective Earthside finds themselves squarely in this unenviable position, however, if one song alone could make that critical impression speaking to the moment, and leaving that heavy feeling of awe churning in the listener’s chest, “All We Knew And Ever Loved” would be that song unequivocally.

In conjunction with their signing to Mascot Label Group, Earthside returns to the spotlight in the most monumental of fashions. The culmination of years of feverish planning, recording, and detail obsessing, “All We Knew And Ever Loved” offers the first window into the gripping next chapter of the band’s collective story and the grim scene that awaits humanity in the absence of change.

Earthside consists of:

  • Jamie Van Dyck –  Guitar
  • Ben Shanbrom – Drums
  • Frank Sacramone – Keyboards, Synthesizers
  • Ryan Griffin – Bass