Edge Of Paradise reveal details on upcoming album

Los Angeles based Edge Of Paradise have made a name for themselves in the metal scene with the release of well-received independent albums and heavy touring both nationally and internationally. Their new album, “Universe”, will be released on November 8th via Frontiers Music Srl. “Universe” brings together a symphonic and classic metal approach with more contemporary sounds like industrial and electronic influences.

Vocalist Margarita Monet comments: “With this album, we set out to create something that would transport you to another world, music that transcends time and space and takes you on an epic ride through our ‘Universe’! The songs are about shattering your fears, testing your limits, and going after your passions at the speed of light, holding on to our humanity and supporting one another as we enter our insane digital future together. Musically, the songs hit you with a cosmic wall of sound, supersonic energy with massive industrial and symphonic textures. We were very lucky to have the best production team for this album as Mike Plotnikoff and Jacob Hansen helped capture our vision perfectly.”

The band have now released a music video for the title track. Watch the video here:


“Universe” tracklisting:
1. Fire
2. Electrify
3. Universe
4. Alone
5. Hollow
6. World
7. Perfect Disaster
8. Face Of Fear
9. Stars
10. Burn The Sun

Pre-order “Universe” HERE.

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Edge Of Paradise reveal details on upcoming album

September 1, 2019

Los Angeles based Edge Of Paradise will release their new album, “Universe”, on November 8th. The band have now launched a video for the title track.

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