As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, Norway’s metal legends Enslaved will release their upcoming album “Utgard” this coming fall.

Enslaved will be releasing the new single “Homebound” in a Limited Edition 7″ vinyl format. Limited to 500 pieces, the single features a TNT cover and will be out on June 26th.

The tracklist reads as follows:
1. Homebound [A-side]
2. Knights Of The Thunder (TNT Cover) [B-side]

The B-side of the “Homebound” Vinyl is an exclusive to this format. It can now be pre-ordered here.

The band states: “Homebound’ is about the greatest reward of exploring and travelling into unknown territory – to “go viking” if you will, turning Homebound at the end of the journey. It is a song that takes Enslaved on a musical journey that is as much an homage to those who dared so we could play our very own style of music: from nurturing blackened roots to nodding at zeppelins in the sky, beholding teutonic thrash titans and watching speeding motorpsychos take off into the futures.”

Watch the official music video for “Homebound” here:




Enslaved - Utgard
Enslaved – Utgard

The tracklist of “Utgard” reads as follows:

1. Fires In The Dark
2. Jettegryta
3. Sequence
4. Homebound
5. Utgardr
6. Urjotun
7. Flight Of Thought And Memory
8. Storms Of Utgard
9. Distant Seasons