Fell What I Feel is the latest sample off Gotthard’s live album Defrosted 2

As previously reported here ar Stargazed Magazine, »Defrosted 2« is an unplugged-compilation of Gotthard’s greatest hits, to be released on December 7, 2018.

Today, GOTTHARD release their new live single ‘Fell What I Feel’, which can be ordered here:
Gotthard – ‚Feel What I Feel’ (Live, Acoustic 2018) (Single)

Hear it here:

»Defrosted 2« was produced by Leo Leoni in collaboration with Nicolo Fragile and as usual, Charlie Bauerfeind was responsible for the mix. The double album, which will be released in the high-quality ecolbook format and as a 4-fold vinyl version worldwide on December 7, 2018 was further refined in the Wisseloord Studio Hilversum, where legends like the ROLLING STONES, U2 and the SCORPIONS have already worked and recorded. A lovingly selected array of sophisticated acoustic arrangements and with two and a half decades of hits, GOTTHARD celebrate exuberantly great moments, quiet memories and unsurpassed riffs on »Defrosted 2« – and make both old and new fans a cheerful unplugged gift that has really earned the best place on the shelf.

»Defrosted 2« will be released as:


Cristoffer Eriksson

Cristoffer Eriksson


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