Gus G’s power metal act Firewind released their new self-titled album on May 15th (read our review at Stargazed Magazine HERE). The band have now presented a lyric video for “Break Away” off the new album.

Guitarist Gus G. on “Break Away“: “The song has a very strong 80’s vibe. It was originally destined to be an instrumental, hence why it’s a “busy” guitar track. Lyric wise it’s about the PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) that often soldiers deal with. We feel that “Break Away” is one of the really strong tracks on the album and it’ll definitely find a place in our setlist when the tour cycle resumes.“

Watch the video here:


“Firewind“ track listing:
01. Welcome To The Empire
02. Devour
03. Rising Fire
04. Break away
05. Orbitual Sunrise
06. Longing To Know You
07. Perfect Stranger
08. Overdrive
09. All My Life
10. Space Cowboy
11. Kill The Pain