Haken announce new studio album “Fauna”

Following weeks of teasing, progressive rockers Haken have announced their seventh studio album “Fauna”. The album will be released on March 3rd 2023, and following the release of “Nightingale” earlier this year, they now have presented “The Alphabet of Me”, the second track taken from the record.

Vocalist Ross Jennings comments: “When composing and presenting initial song sketches, we very much had an “anything goes” mentality, and whilst sounding atypically Haken, it was a piece that was all exciting us to explore and integrate into our song canon. Where the lyrics are concerned, I leant heavily on one of my favourite writers Philip K Dick, for inspiration. Keeping our loose concept of spirit animals in mind, I re-read ‘Do androids dream of electric sheep?’ (Which would later be adapted into the 1982 film ‘Blade Runner’) knowing symbolically that animals played a key role in the story. This, along with revisiting both movies from the Blade Runner franchise, opened up some deeper philosophical topics about the nature of identity which have served as a backbone for the lyrical content.

“Fauna” sees the band exploring new ideas conceptually as Ross continues: “The premise of the album when we started writing it was that every song would have an animal assigned to it. They all have something related to the animal kingdom that we could write about, but they also connect to the human world. Each track has layers, and some of them are more obvious than others.

Watch the video for “The Alphabet of Me” here:

“Fauna” will be available on several formats, including Ltd 2CD (incl. instrumentals), Standard CD, Gatefold 2LP & as Digital Album. The album’s detailed artwork was created by Dan Goldsworthy (Charlie Griffiths, Sylosis) Pre-order the album HERE.

“Fauna” tracklist:
1. Taurus 04:49
2. Nightingale 07:24
3. The Alphabet of Me 05:33
4. Sempiternal Beings 08:23
5. Beneath The White Rainbow 06:45
6. Island In The Clouds 05:45
7. Lovebite 03:49
8. Elephants Never Forget 11:07
9. Eyes Of Ebony 08:32

HAKEN are:
Ross Jennings
Richard Henshall
Charlie Griffiths
Pete Jones
Conner Green
Ray Hearne

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Haken announce new studio album “Fauna”

December 12, 2022

Progressive rockers Haken will release their seventh studio album “Fauna” on March 3rd, 2023. The band have now have presented “The Alphabet of Me”, the second track taken from the record.

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