“New World – New Eyes” is House Of Lords’ tenth studio album, following the well received release “Saint of the Lost Souls”. Recorded and produced by the band’s singer and mastermind, James Christian, this collection of songs has an incredible flow of up-tempo and mid-tempo rockers mixed with power ballads, which lean a bit more toward keyboards this time around, but without compromising the band’s trademark sound, which is based around Jimi Bell’s guitar work.

“New World – New Eyes” is already one of the year’s most anticipated melodic rock releases and will not disappoint fans of the band or genre. James Christian’s well crafted and smooth vocals bring the band’s craft to new heights. Guitarist Jimi Bell is on fire and the melodic riffs throughout the album will leave you breathless. Chris Tristram on bass is more solid than ever and BJ Zampa brings a solid and powerful rhythm foundation to House of Lords. This time, the band has cooperated with none other than Mark Spiro (Giant, Bad English, Cheap Trick etc.) on the songwriting of most of the songs. More collaboration came via Tommy Denander, Chris Pelcer, and Richard Hymas.



The band has toured relentlessly in Europe and the States in support of their releases and have now become a true staple of the hard rock scene on both continents. House Of Lords stands for superb hooks and majestic atmospheres that bring back the memories of their stellar debut album, monumental guitar riffs, and a production to die for. All these ingredients you will find in abundance on “New World – New Eyes”!



  1.  New World – New Eyes
  2.  Change (what’s It Gonna Take)
  3.  One More
  4.  Perfectly (you And I)
  5.  The Both Of Us
  6.  Chemical Rush
  7.  We’re All That We Got
  8.  Better Off Broken
  9.  $5 Buck Of Gasoline
  10.  The Chase
  11.  The Summit


James Christian – Vocals
Jimi Bell – Guitar
Chris McCarvill – Bass
BJ Zampa – Drums


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