German speed/power metal legends Iron Angel released their latest album “Hellbound” exactly two years ago. Now the band are back with a new song titled “Sands Of Time”, which is a teaser for the upcoming Iron Angel album, “Emerald Eyes”. The single is accompanied with a video that was shot in February this year in Heiligenhafen and in Lübeck, Germany.

Drummer Maximilian Behr comments: “This song is a great example of us marrying the past with the present. It doesn´t resemble anything we have done before and yet it is very much rooted in our core sound, which is one of the reasons we choose this song as the first single over some of the thrashier speedsters. The lyrics are based loosely on the dream the Egyptian pharaoh Thutmosis IV had, while sleeping in the sphinx´s shadow, but interpreted in a whole different way by someone from this day and age making the same experience, but getting caught within the paradox of death being the true immortality and walking the line between reality and perception. A fitting song for times like these.”

The video for “Sands Of Time” was filmed, directed and edited by Stefan Zabel. Watch the video here:


Like the rest of the album, which will be released in October, “Sands Of Time” was recorded at DaDaSound Studios near Hamburg, Germany in the last quarter of 2019 and was produced by Jan Kirchner. This will be the first Iron Angel album to feature new guitar player Nino Helfrich, who replaced Mitsch Meyer in the summer of 2019. The rest of the line-up remained consistent.

Dirk Schröder: vocals
Didy Mackel: bass
Maximilian Behr: drums
Robert Altenbach: guitars
Nino Helfrich: guitar