Iron Mask the power metal masters from Belgium released new single “One Against All” from the coming album “Master Of Masters”!

“One Against All” embraces the Hard Rock roots of Iron Mask, delivering a song that can be seen as a tribute to bands like Dio and Rainbow. Epic! A must-listen for all Hard Rock fans!

Dushan states:
“This song has a great memorable chorus, slower vibe based on a great guitar riff, the vocal lines are very catchy , together with the bass and drums high precision and power makes this song a total hit, the kind of song you can’t stop singing!
Lyrically its inspired by my youth where as teenager I was spending days and nights playing guitar for hours and when everyone told me I was just a dreamer and to get a ‘real job’ .Never listen anyone but yourself, this isn’t being stuborn, it is just being who you really are and ment to be.”

“Master Of Masters” expacted releas date 4th December


  1. Never Kiss the Ring
  2. Tree of the World
  3. Revolution Rise
  4. One Against All
  5. Nothing Lasts Forever
  6. Dance with the Beast
  7. Wild and Lethal
  8. Mist of Loch Ness
  9. My One and Only
  10. A Mother Loved Blue
  11. Sagittarius A
  12. Master of Masters


  • Dushan Petrossi : Guitars
  • Vassili Moltchanov : Bass
  • Ramy Ali : Drums
  • Mike Slembrouck : Vocals


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