As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, Swedish-American power metal supergroup Northtale has released their long-awaited debut album “Welcome To Paradise” and will perform at ProgPower USA along with Beast In Black, The Night Flight Orchestra and Turilli/Lione Rhapsody.

Last year, the band played two concerts in Japan as part of the Evoken Fest. They’ve now released a new live video for “Time To Rise” that you can watch here:


The band comments: “We hope everyone is staying safe during these crazy times! Since we know you’re gonna be at home and we can’t really play live for the foreseeable future, how about we show you a little bit of what our Japan tour was like? Thanks to director Jason McNamara who shot and edited this (not to mention hanging and driving us around) over the 2 nights we performed in Tokyo at Evoken Metal Fest last September!
And finally, thanks to Yama Darkblaze for bring us to Japan, Ryo and our label King Records, Makoto Suzuki at ESP Guitars, as well as KORG and Pearl Drums for all the support!”