James Holkworth Conspiracyn released their new album “Solo in Sodom” on November 5th.

Last year’s album ”We Want To Be Famous” was released under the name “James Holkworth and the Coobenders” but Coolbender is no longer involved in the band, nor is the British singer Adam Barron. James Holkworth has taken over the lead vocals himself and moved the music in a slightly different direction, hoping that people will hear how much they love Thin Lizzy, Blue Öyster Cult, Warren Zevon, Steve Earle and Tom Petty. They deliver catchy, classic rock & blues tracks with twin guitars, harmonica and good, true storytelling with a strange twist, and also throw in some singer/songwriter, country and heavy metal spices as well as trombone, trumpet, flute and other weird instruments. Prominent guests include Rhino Edwards (Status Quo), Clive Edwards (Lionheart, ex-UFO, ex Wild Horses), Adam Barron and legendary Joe Bouchard (Blue Coupe, ex-Blue Öyster Cult) among others.

Official music videos for “Voodoo Queen” and “(Don’t Fear) The Pope” can be seen below:

Joe Bouchard plays guitar and Hammond on the song “(Don’t Fear) The Pope”, a song “all about this new band Ghost (that I like a lot) and the fact that they sound so much like Blue Öyster Cult without admitting that they must have been a huge influence. It’s like Airbourne should say they never really listened to AC/DC or that Rival Sons never heard of a band called Led Zeppelin.”


Solo in Sodom
Voodoo Queen
(Don’t Fear)The Pope
Trucker Bear
In Love With His Car
Flesh & Bone
Uncle Zeb
Dirty Laundry
Bad Sparrow Blues (Part 1)

All songs written by: Holkworth, LeDuf, Ledderman and Rackbatter, except ”Trucker Bear”, written by Holkworth/Coolbender

Mixed by Markus Nilsson at Sunnanå Studios
Drums recorded at Sunnanå Studios as well.
All other instruments and vocals recorded at Vaseline Court Studios, Aspen.
Pictures by Caroline Södergren
Produced by: The Friendly Ranger

James Holkworth: Lead and Background vocals
LeRoy LeDuf: Bass, Background Vocals, Harmonica and several other instruments
Pete Ledderman: Lead guitars and Background Vocals
Gus Rackbatter: Drums
Annie McNivendale: Background Vocals
Rebecca Lundin: Background Vocals on ”Trucker Bear”
Jerry Johnson: Goat sound on “Trucker Bear”
Adam Barron: Lead vocals on “Motorboatin”
Rhino Edwards: Bass on “Solo in Sodom”
Clive Edwards: Drums on “Solo in Sodom”
Joe Bouchard: Guitars and keyboard on “(Don’t Fear)The Pope”
Coolbender: Slide guitar on “Trucker Bear”, “Voodoo Queen” and “In Love With His Car”.