Bokassa is a band from Trondheim, Norway who fuse hardcore punk with stoner rock into their self-proclaimed stoner-punk. Their debut album Divide & Conquer was hailed by Metal Hammer UK as one of the eleven best debuts of 2017. The three piece released their second record in June 2019, coinciding with the band’s support slots during the European part of Metallica’s WorldWired Tour.

“’Burn It All’ is just a great song in our opinion. A perfect uptempo Bokassa track. Everything from the stoney lead riff, the melodic verses and choruses to the metal riffage in the bridge makes this song pop. One of our favorites on the record. And it probably includes our coolest solo yet. The video was really fun to shoot as well, although we wouldn’t recommend dressing in corpse paint with fake blood when it’s 30 degrees and a hell of a lot of mosquitos around!”

In the words of Kerrang´s Sam Law: “It’s not southern-fried licks or black-eyed breakdowns that set this lot apart. It’s a zero-bullshit mindset that sees everything inauthentic, non-essential and not nailed down cast to the wind. True grit, see, is tough to fake». In 2020 the band was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy as «Breakthrough of the year», their music was used in Norwegian hit TV-shows “Rådebank” and “Maxi Taxi Driver” and in december the same year the band announced they’d signed a worldwide deal with renowned rock & metal label Napalm Records for a future third album. The trios third full length “Molotov Rocktail” arrives september 3rd 2021!

Track listing:

  1. Freelude
  2. So Long, Idiots!
  3. Pitchforks’R’Us
  4. Hereticules
  5. Low (And Behold)
  6. Godless
  7. Molotov Rocktail
  8. Burn it All (P.T.S.D.E.A.D)
  9. Careless (In The Age of Altruism)
  10. Code Red
  11. Immortal Space Pirate 3: Too Old for this Sith

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Bokassa are:

Jørn Kaarstad – Lead Vocals,Guitar
Bård Linga – Bass, Vocals
Olav Dowkes – Drums, Vocals