Lake Of Tears released their second video single “Wait And in Worries” from forthcoming new album, Omnious, which will be out 19th February 2021

In “Wait And in Worries” an atmospheric, epic song in melancholy immersion in the gloomy darkness, with the warm voice of Daniel embedded with a perfect perfection in mathematics & magic

Wistful and at the same time loaded with expectation, “In Wait and In Worries” presents itself as an epic intensification that points to the approaching peripety casting its ominous shadows before.

Lake Of Tears states: “This song (and all the other ones on Ominous) should really be listened to in context. That means that it is as connected to the previous one (you can probably hear it) as it is to the next one. You even get a “glimpse” of what is to come at the end of this song, and it doesn’t sound as something pleasant. Oh, such a cliffhanger. It is impossible though, for most you, to get this whole right now. There is still almost a month to go. But keep it in the back of your minds. And it is of course not up to me to tell you how to listen to it or perceive it. But I must say to judge it by and comparing it to most other music nowadays (which is written mostly in a tried and tested, but also perhaps a bit uninteresting, pop-rock form) is to do it injustice. For example, you may already have noticed that there is a lack of refrain in both of the first songs. It could give a little hint of that the highs and lows on Ominous are not created in that way.
When Ominous is released I will send (at least) a signed CD and a shirt to the first one who can list at least 5 things of which I have taken into consideration when writing this record, from any of the fields of mathematics, psychology, philosophy or music-theory. It is quite challenging, yes. But I love it like that.
For the best experience you should get the LP with the big booklet, with the very nice artwork of Vladimir Chebakov, and the further explaining picture-texts. This is a story, connected in sound, word and vision. With though out precision.”
1.At The Destination
2.In Wait And In Worries
3.Lost In A Moment
4.Ominous One
5.Ominous Too
6.One Without Dreams
7.The End Of This World
8.Cosmic Sailor
9.In Gloom