From the outer space, a rock band arrives on planet Earth in 2019 with sparkling fresh music and an important message for humanity. The New Death Cult – described as a cross-over between Queens of the Stone Age, Biffy Clyro and Pink Floyd – drives heavy rock in a forward direction primed for the 21st century, while sonically staying true to the greatest 90’s rock acts. Aesthetically, the band explores a unique melting point where solid ‘desert rock’ collide with heavy riffs, ear-tingling melodies and choruses of cosmic grandeur.

Their debut single “Light Spills Over” is released today and the video can be seen here:

Band leader ALPHA comments:
“It’s the perfect grand opening. Both for the album and as the first single. On the surface, the lyrics paint a rather blunt picture of light versus dark, good versus evil. However, digging deeper into the metaphysical, this alleged war plays out in the field of human consciousness, and it’s one that’s been waged heavily by major corporations, politicians and religious institutions for decades. What lies behind the veil of consciousness? Pure universal love. Tune your soul into the cosmic frequencies and let the light overflow.”

Visually, the band consist of four masked humanoid aliens who go by their pseudonyms ALPHA (vocals + guitar), BETA (lead guitar), GAMMA (bass) and DELTA (drums). The lyrics inspire a true universal love and peaceful activism towards an anti-war, anti-environmental destruction and anticorruption movement in music, to make the world a better and safer place for present and future generations.

Out on the fringes in the Andromeda galaxy, a new force of light awakens in the dark and endless outer space. The humanoid inhabitants of the distant alien planet of Netuluna have been watching the decaying, war-torn and bleeding planet Earth closely for many years in hope for signs of significant change. They have sadly come to recognize that the eleventh hour now is at hand. In a desperate attempt to unite all humans under the cause of saving their planet and themselves, a new medium is formed. A force more powerful than anything in the universe: HEAVY ROCK MUSIC.