Lizzy Borden drops new single “Death Of Me”

Since 1983, the name Lizzy Borden has been synonymous with heavy metal music of the highest caliber. Now, Lizzy Borden returns with first new original music since their 2018 offering “My Midnight Things”. The new digital single “Death Of Me” is out now. Watch the video here:

Lizzy Borden comments: “”Death Of Me” was a fantastic experiment! Kane Churko was Dr. Frankenstein, and I was the monster screaming in the vocal booth as he blasted bolts of electricity again and again, searching for the perfect vocal performance. Working with people that can push me out of my comfort zone is something I’ve always strived for. Because of that, I don’t think I’ve recorded the same sounding album twice.

Lizzy Borden drops new single “Death Of Me”

September 6, 2023

Lizzy Borden presents the new single "Death Of Me". Watch the official music video here.

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