Look! The ‘Aurora Skies’ are Pristine!

As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, the Norwegian rock band Pristine will release their fifth album »Road Back To Ruin« via Nuclear Blast on April 19, 2019. The album is available for pre-order as stream/download, CD and vinyl (black, blue)

Watch the official lyric video for ‘Aurora Skies’ here:

Commented singer and main songwriter, Heidi Solheim:
“‘Aurora Skies’ is a really special song for me, and one of my absolute favourites on the upcoming album. The song came to me after I’d been home in the north for a while in the darkest winter season. I’m from a very quiet farm with several kilometers to the nearest neighbour. You are completely alone and it is a real therapeutic experience for me, and a great place to write music. This particular time I felt overwhelmed with sadness, as you do some times in life. I felt lost and alone, and couldn’t find my way out. When I was a kid I was told that the northern light was magic. It had supernatural powers and could come down and carry you away if it so chose to. So at some point I put on my warmest winter clothes and went outside, looked up into the sky and said to myself “God.. Please let me be hypnotised”. And this became the chorus of the song.”

»Road Back To Ruin« was recorded at Paradiso Studio in Oslo, together with producer Øyvind Gundersen and technician Christian Engfelt. The song ‘Sinnerman’ was written during last year’s tour – a real banger and the perfect opening track. The title track sounds massive and heavy, and the same can be said for ‘Blind Spot’ which features an intro sung in Arabian by Syrian artist Racha Rizk, followed by an almighty riff by Espen Elverum Jacobsen, the band’s secret weapon. At the end of this broad musical spectrum there’s ‘Cause & Effect’, which features the “The Arctic Philharmonic“ string orchestra and bears a certain James Bond feeling.

Hear the single ‘Cause & Effect’ here:

Heidi Solheim, Espen Elverum Jacobsen (guitar), Gustav Eidsvik (bass) and Ottar Tøllefsen (drums), as the core of the band, incorporate a wide variety of styles and influences with a great mutual musical understanding. Studio guests Anders Oskal and Hansi Enzesperger add a unique flourish in the form of a Hammond Organ.


2019 will see the band bring back rock to the clubs. After »Detoxing« (2012) and »No Regret« (2013) had only been released in Norway, »Reboot« was the first album to also see a release outside the band’s home country. 2017, »Ninja« marked the debut for Nuclear Blast which is now followed by »Road Back To Ruin«.

PRISTINE „Road Back To Ruin Tour“
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03.05.2019 – DE Biberach, Abdera + THE BREW*
04.05.2019 – AT Dornbirn, Spielboden + THE BREW*
05.05.2019 – DE Tuttlingen, Stadthalle + THE BREW*
07.05.2019 – TBA+ THE BREW*
08.05.2019 – DE Chiemgau, Blues Club + THE BREW*
09.05.2019 – DE Augsburg, Spectrum + THE BREW*
10.05.2019 – DE Aschaffenburg, Colos Saal + THE BREW*
11.05.2019 – DE Bensheim, Rex + THE BREW*
13.05.2019 – DE Berlin, Musik & Frieden + NI SALA**
14.05.2019 – DE Kiel, Orange Club + NI SALA**
15.05.2019 – DE Hamburg, Knust + NI SALA**
17.05.2019 – DE Oldenburg, Cadillac + NI SALA**
18.05.2019 – DE Bückeburg, Schraubbar + NI SALA**
19.05.2019 – DE Frankfurt/M., Nachtleben + NI SALA**
20.05.2019 – DE München, Backstage + NI SALA**
21.05.2019 – DE Köln, Yard Club + NI SALA**
23.05.2019 – DE Oberhausen, Zentrum Altenberg + NI SALA**
24.05.2019 – DE Lichtenfels, Paunchy Cats + NI SALA**
25.05.2019 – DE Osnabrück, Westwerk + NI SALA**
21.06.2019 – DE Netphen-Deuz, Freak Valley Festival***
* PRISTINE supporting
** PRISTINE headlining
*** PRISTINE only

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Look! The ‘Aurora Skies’ are Pristine!

April 8, 2019

"'Aurora Skies' is a really special song for me, and one of my absolute favourites on the upcoming album. The song came to me after I’d been home in the north for a while in the darkest winter season. - Heidi Solheim

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