Mass Worship results in Sibylline Divination

Stockholm based darkened metal band Mass Worship was formed in January 2018 but the members carry a rich history comprising of relentless touring and recording schedules. Tastefully adding onto the rich legacy of Scandinavian metal with a heavy and gritty sound, the album “Mass Worship” was released in October 2019.

Taken from their debut album “Mass Worship”, a lyric video for “Sibylline Divination” can now be watched here:


The band comments: “As the world comes to a sudden halt due to Covid-19, we are yet again reminded of the fragility of our ecosystem. As humans we try to understand, keep things under our control and detach ourselves from the natural order – but in reality we merely play a small role in the cosmic play of existence – desperately clinging on to our planet for dear life, while it is spinning in orbit around its master in a cosmic dance throughout the vast emptiness of space. The only constant is the unknown.”

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